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1962 -2017, 55 Years in Little League Baseball

Monday, August 21
Waupun Little League Meeting

When: Wednesday, November 1 at 6:30pm

Where Fox Valley Savings Bank Meeting Room

Agenda Items:

  • Vote in new board positions

 I urge every parent in Waupun Little League to as yourself "Where can I make my impact on our League?".  Do I have a special skill that the Board could use? 

If the parents of Waupun Little League fail to fill the Little League Board positions the following could happen: 

  • We as Waupun Little League would have to give the rights of Waupun Little League to The Parks and Recreation Board.
  • With that being said we would probably lose all or most of our input on how the Little League season would run.
  • I think we as a League would also fall under their schedule and stipulations to how things operate. This would include stipulations on season schedule, length of season, who can use the fields, and travel ball existence.
  • The history of this Little League has been backed from the commitment of volunteers/parents for a long time. It's time for everyone in this League to step up and give back something. The need for the younger players parents to be involved is crucial.  The current Board's kids are aging out of Little League. 

The future of Waupun Little League is in your hands.  Let's keep our League and Board going strong for another 55 years! 

Brent Ferris 


Waupun Little League 

Friday, October 20
Open Board Positions


  • Sound leadership, couched in knowledge of local, district and national Little League operations, experience and common sense.
  • Dedication to the goals and purpose of Little League
  • Primary administrator of the local League; liaison to the District and Little League International.
  • Personify the best public image in reflection to the community at large.
  • Presides at league meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league.
  • Receives all mail, supplies and other communications from the Little League Headquarters.
  • A president may manage, coach or umpire, provided he/she does not serve on the protest committee, or serve as district tournament team manager or coach.  

Vice President

  • Presides in the absence of the president, works with other officers and committee members, is ex-officio member of all committees, and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the president.
  • May manage, coach or umpire, provided they do not serve on the protest committee.


  • Take meeting minutes
  • Forward minutes to Communications Director
  • Field questions
  • Be the contact person for school district  


  • Signs checks co-signed by another officer
  • Dispenses league funds as approved by the board of directors
  • Reports on the status of league funds
  • Keeps local league books and financial records
  • Assumes the responsibility for all local league finances 

Registration Director

  • Submit recommendation to Board for registration process, fees and timing.
  •  Updates all registration documents.
  • Advertise, review and execute on plan to promote registration for coming season.
  • Set a pace for registration
  • Put registration information into the Book of Accounts
  • Works closely with the Communications Director  

Concession Director

  • Maintains the operation of concession facilities
  • Organizes the purchase of concession products
  • Responsible for the management of the concession sales at league events
  • Collects and reviews concession related offers including coupons, discounts and bulk-purchasing opportunities
  • Organizes, tallies and keeps records of concession sales and purchases

Assistant Concessions Director

  • Assists Concessions Director with the above duties

Chief Umpire:

  • Provides umpire training
  • Schedules umpires for League games
  • Member of Protest Committee

Player Agent:

  • Determines number of players in league and makes up player divisions
  • Finds managers/coaches for all teams in league Conducts annual evaluations/tryouts if necessary
  • Conducts draft for all divisions
  • Creates season schedule for all league teams
  •  Creates league tournament schedule at end of season
  •  Ensures that rules of little league are enforced throughout league season
  • Holds voting sessions for the selection of little league district teams
  • Provides required little league district paperwork to district team managers

Fundraising Director

  • Contact businesses via e-mail, phone, and/or mailing for sign and team sponsorships. This process starts in January.
  • Notify sign company of any new signs that are needed.
  • Hang signs before the season starts and take down in the fall.
  • Work closely with the Player Agent to verify team sponsors when teams are finalized.
  • Work closely with Treasurer to make deposits and pay invoices.

Equipment Manager

  • Maintain accurate and up to date baseball equipment inventories and records
  • Ensure effective control, security and maintenance of all baseball equipment
  • Inspect all equipment at the start and completion of each season to ensure compliance with Little League International equipment requirements and remove equipment from inventory that is damaged or does not comply with regulations
  • Coordinate repairs to baseball equipment in an effective and timely fashion
  • Ensure baseball equipment is issued only to authorized users and is returned to stock at end of season.
  • Provides the Board with recommendations for purchases of new and replacement equipment

Tournament Director

  • Create tournament schedules for Waupun home tournaments 7U-14U
  • Coordinate with Wisconsin Sports Services on scheduling tournament umpires
  • Order tournament and league awards
  • Provide tournament rules
  • Provide teams with paperwork for home tournaments
  • Provide baseballs for home tournaments
  • Notify league treasurer of umpire fees for tournaments
  • Serve as a point of contact for Waupun travel managers and incoming travel team managers

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