Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association: Welcome

Wednesday, August 27
Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association - District 8 of US Lacrosse


Welcome to the home of the Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association. We are a body of officials certified and trained by US Lacrosse. We support lacrosse officials through district 8 of US Lacrosse. We partner with the Texas High School Lacrosse League and Southwest Lacrosse Association to support the growth and enjoyment of lacrosse in the state of Texas and across the southwest region of the US.
Our officials have performed at some of the highest levels of lacrosse across the globe. We are dedicated to supporting the training and scheduling of officials for in and out of season lacrosse play.

If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact:
DFW Area: Rob Rinker
Austin Area: Keith Denebeim
Houston Area: Mike Alsobrooks
San Antonio/Corpus Christi Areas: David Ferrelli

Local Assigning Secretaries:
DFW Area:Mark Payne
Austin Area: Ken Singer
Houston Area: Mike Alsobrooks
San Antonio/Corpus Christi Areas: Grady Hatch

For all other rules or officiating inquiries, please contact Ken Singer SWLOA Chief Referee.

Webmaster - Adam Curtis 


NOW AVAILABLE! Download the Coach's Certification Card BELOW! 

Handout: Coach's Certification Card