St. Isidore/St. Joan of Arc CYO Cross Country: Equipment

CYO XC General Information


Cross Country is a pretty simple sport, yet there are a few required and recommended things that will enhance the experience for your child(ren).


Each athlete must have a pair of running shoes. Cross trainers, Vans, basketball shoes or any other type of athletic shoes are not acceptable. Please go to a running store, such as Forward Motion in Danville to get a proper pair of shoes for your child(ren). Please note that Forward Motion offers a 10% discount on shoes, apparel and accessories to CYO participants--simply let them know that your child is on the CYO team when you go to the store.

Note: Please do not buy a pair of ultralight trainers, e.g. Nike Free. These type of shoes will not provide the cushioning and support your child needs nor will they last as long as a basic training shoe.


It is important that athletes come dressed and ready to workout. Appropriate apparel consists of shorts and a comfortable t-shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve depending on the weather). Technical fiber apparel that "wicks" moisture away from the skin is preferable to cotton or cotton/poly blends. Sweats--pants and a top--are recommended even when the start of practice appears hot. We will always conclude practice with stretching and it is helpful for the athletes to have sweats to put on as they cool down and the temperature goes down.


Your child(ren) MUST bring a water bottle to each practice (please label with your child's name.) A sport drink is acceptable though not necessary. A light snack for after practice is also a good idea especially on those harder workout days.