St. Isidore/St. Joan of Arc CYO Cross Country: News

Thursday, August 16
2018 CYO XC
The CYO XC season kicks off on Monday, August 20, 2018 at 4:00pm at Osage Park!  We have a great group of parent coaches and we are looking forward to another great season of friendship, fitness and fun.  This email will give an overview of the season as well as some tips to make your athlete's season a success.  Please save this email as it contains valuable information that will guide you for the rest of the season!

Practice Schedule:
Monday / Friday 4:00pm Osage Park (Fridays only until races start)  We meet on the tennis court side of the park close to El Capitan / Charlotte Wood School.
Wednesday 4:00pm Oak Hill Park  We meet on the Monte Vista side of Oak Hill Park.

Friday Race Schedule:  You must compete in one non-relay meet to be eligible for the diocese championship.  There is no additional Friday practice once races start.
4:45pm September 21 Crown Beach, Alameda
4:45pm September 28 Oak Hill Park
4:45pm October 5 (Relay Meet)  Oak Hill Park
4:45pm October 12 Shadow Cliffs
4:15pm October 19 Crown Beach, Alameda (Diocese Championship)

End of Season Celebration:  
5:00-8:00pm  Saturday, October 20  Oak Hill Park Main Ballroom

All races except the 10/19 Diocese championship start at 5:30.  You will need to arrive at the venue no later than 4:45pm.  The diocese championship starts at 5:00pm.  Please plan to arrive by 4:15pm.

General Information:
1.  Please send your athlete with water and sweats.  Please mark all non-disposable water containers and all sweats/jackets with your athlete's name.  We attempt to return marked items to their owner (with a "snack for the team penalty" assessed!).  We donate all unmarked items.  After sweating during a hot run the fog usually surrounds us by the end of practice.  Kids chill quickly!

2.  Please send your child to practice well hydrated and with a small snack after school.  It is important for their safety and enjoyment.  Middle school lunch is very early and it can be 5+ hours between it and practice.  Hungry kids are not happy running kids!

3.  On our first two practices we will have a brief parent introduction to the program and will answer questions.  Please plan to park and stay for one of these informational sessions.

4.  On the first day we will have a "group finding race" to help us divide into our 5 ability based training groups.  Runners can move up or down based on coach recommendations.  It is important for the safety and appropriate training of each runner that they are in the appropriate group.

5.  Make sure your runner has comfortable running specific shoes and wears light breathable clothing to practice.  Many of our practices are quite hot!

6.  We do not cancel practice for rain or heat.  It is up to your judgement as to whether a specific practice is appropriate for your athlete.  We have cancelled for extreme heat and/or hazardous air conditions.

7.  Visit the team webpage for more information:
Visit the diocese XC webpage for results and race information:

8.  Encourage your runner:  Running--especially in the first few weeks --is hard!  It takes courage and fortitude to participate.  Please encourage your runner and compliment them on their participation and effort.  Let them know it will get easier over time!

Thursday, June 11
Why Running?

Running is a great sport!  It is simple, can be done nearly anywhere with minimal equipment.  It is a true "lifetime sport" with positive effects on health and academic performance.  

For most people starting out, developing the basic fitness and skills is the most difficult part.  (yes, there are skills in running)  However our bodies adapt rapidly and positively to training and become stronger--making what was once difficult much easier.  Not everyone is destined to be a champion but with consistency and comittment everyone can make major improvements!