St. Isidore/St. Joan of Arc CYO Cross Country: News

Saturday, August 26
CYO-- First Week Update
Chain Lakes
OK, it's not a running picture but it's a place you can visit if you're in great shape!  Running is good for more than running.  Upper Chain Lake, Yosemite National Park

We had a very good first week of running!  Wow!  135 athletes.  Practices are humming and very high energy!  The cooler temperatures let us ease into running.  That is about to change:  Next week is forecast to be nearly 100 each day.  I'll bring the sprayer--you make sure your athlete is dressed appropriately, drinks before practice and brings water with them.  Some kids are more affected by heat than others.  We'll do all we can to watch and keep them safe.

Due to our large number of athletes and wanting to keep everyone safe we have added a new category of parent practice volunteer.  For you parents who can't run but wouldn't mild walking around Osage or Oak Hill Park we have a "parent walker/safety patrol" position.  In this job you walk the loop of the park during practice keeping your eye out for our athletes, giving encouragement and helping out if someone needs to go to the bathroom (stand guard!) or twists an ankle (or gets overheated--a red flushed face is a big clue!).  

We still have a need for a few more race volunteers as well as volunteers for the ice cream social, photographers, end of season party organizers and someone who can turn our pictures into a memorable video collage set to music for the end of season party.  Consolidated sign up includeing Parent Walkers/Safety Patrol Sign up is at.  If anyone is a graphic designer and wants to help with a design for our mileage award shirts please let Rachelle know!

Thanks for sharing your kids!  Please put their names on all removable clothing items and water bottles.  If something has a name we'll try to get it back to you.  If it doesn't we'll donate it.

Saturday, July 29
Welcome to the XC Season!
The 2017 Edition of CYO XC will start on Monday, August 21 at 4:30pm!  We will meet on the tennis court side of Osage Park.  Please arrive by 4:30pm and walk your runner to the picnic tables by the tennis courts as we will have a brief parent meeting to introduce the coaches and the season.

Volunteers:  Thanks to everyone who has signed up to help out at the meets.  CYO is a volunteer program and we rely on parent volunteers to provide a safe and fun program.  If you did not "buy out" your volunteer obligation please go to one of the volunteer links on the home page and sign up!  We are especially in need of medical volunteers for the two races we host and parent coaches.  Please email me if you are willing to help in the parent coach role!

Volunteer Link:
See the home page for the link.
Equipment/Water/Sweats:  Practice will often start hot so having light clothing and a water bottle with your athlete's name on it is important.  Typically by the end of practice the fog comes over the hills and your sweaty runner can become chilled.  Please bring sweats--also with your name on them.

Running Levels:  We will break into 4 groups based on ability not age.  Our advanced group is really for those who love running and have recently participated in a running sport such as track or soccer.  We'll adjust groups based on how runners perform over the season.  The parent coaches will monitor and advise runners on which group they should be in.

Races:  There are 5 races during the CYO season.  Please see the website for details.  Runners must participate in one meet to be eligible for the diocese final.  (This does NOT include the relay meet.)

Encourage your runner:  Running--especially in the first few weeks --is hard!  It takes courage and fortitude to participate.  Please encourage your runner and compliment them on their participation and effort.  Let them know it will get easier over time!

Thursday, June 11
Why Running?

Running is a great sport!  It is simple, can be done nearly anywhere with minimal equipment.  It is a true "lifetime sport" with positive effects on health and academic performance.  

For most people starting out, developing the basic fitness and skills is the most difficult part.  (yes, there are skills in running)  However our bodies adapt rapidly and positively to training and become stronger--making what was once difficult much easier.  Not everyone is destined to be a champion but with consistency and comittment everyone can make major improvements!