Summerside Recreational Volleyball League: SRVL Registration Info.

Wednesday, April 27
2017 6 on 6 Co-ed Beach Volleyball Information

  S.R.V.L. Beach Registration Information....
The Summerside Recreational Volleyball League will soon be hitting the C.U.P. Beach Courts for their 6 on 6 Co-ed Beach Volleyball League. Registration will take place on Monday May 29 at Credit Union Place lobby from 8:00-9:00 pm. Single registered players will be drafted/placed on a team by skill level to ensure all teams are even and competitive, players can request to be put on same team as friend no problem. Register as a single player or get a group of 4-5 friends together....No restrictions on gender, age or skill level…anyone can play.....Cost is $60.00 per player...... Each team must have 4 males and 4 females on it…with a total of 8 players.

S.R.V.L. Game Information  Each game time will feature 3 sets (to 25) against 2 different teams. There will be a little break for about 15 minutes in between the 2 games. Each set lasts about 15 minutes so each scheduled game time will last about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It will be 6 on 6 co-ed “B” League. 8 players per team with 2 subs. Days/Times...Mondays at 6:00 pm, some Wednesdays at 6:00 and Saturdays at 11:00 am. Spots are limited to 32 players making 4 teams of 8.

Note: Saturdays after regular game play we will play compeitive 2's or 4's for 1 hour. This will include overhand serves and spiking. 

S.R.V.L. Shinny Information  Shinny games will start late May pending weather. What is shinny you may ask. Shinny will be a game played with who-ever shows up to play there may be 10 or 20 people, if needed 2 courts will be used. Some might be trying it out for there first time others will use it as pre-season warm up before the league play starts in June. Just show up and have some fun.  Cost for beach shinny is $3.00 a player or $5.00 for a couple. If you know someone who may be interested in playing let them know about this website and they can contact me anytime for more information. Again any questions email me back… Aaron Doyle  

Also join the Facebook Page to keep up to the minute on the S.R.V.L.

 This 2017 Season marks our 6th year of play for the S.R.V.L. Beach League. Here is a brief outline of our Beach League info.

- Each team plays 2 times weekly at 'Credit Union Place' Beach Courts in Summerside. 
- All of our games are non-officiated.
- Our season consists of approximately 28 games, including a play-off championship.  
- Enrollment in the league is limited to 32 players making 4 teams of 8.

- Season starts June 10th and finishes July 24th after Lobster-Fest Tournament 

- Before June 10th and after July 24th we will have shinny a few times a week.

Here is a brief outline of events for this upcoming year 2016.

- May 29th Monday 8:00-9:00 pm...Player Registration 
- June 10th...Opening Day Games/Frozu Flash Mob/BBQ/Social
- July 21-23rd...14th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament  
- August 19th...Annual Parlee Beach Road Trip/Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, January 7
2017-2018 6 on 6 Co-ed Indoor Volleyball Information
     Starting in early November, the S.R.V.L. moves indoor for there winter volleyball. This is pick-up/shinny only, no league or team entry. A text will be sent the day of each game night, if you wanted to play just reply back "Im In" and you will be added to the list for the night. Diffrent teams will be created each night pending player participation. Teams will normally always be pretty even and will play with a maximum of 7 players on each team. Cost is $5.00 per player, most $$$ collected will go towards equipment or to the Elm Street School as a donation. Most Monday nights will be game night and the game will run from 6:30-8:00 pm. If there is no school that day then there is no volleyball.

Monday, June 5
S.R.V.L. Registered Players LIst...


1 Aaron Doyle
2 Andrew Mac Donald
3 Anna Mac Neil
4 Ashley Howell
5 Bob Flannery
6 Brenda Mac Issac
7 Brian Mc Naught
8 Charleen Hanlon
9 Cole Mugridge
10 Cory Mac Dougall
11 Darla Gallant
12 Emily Mac Cardle
13 Erika Murphy
14 Heather Pitre
15 Jean Marc Beauchesne
16 Jesse Blanchard
17 Jordana Tierney
18 Judy Heckbert
19 Kelsie La Frank
20 Kim Praught Thompson
21 Kirk Stride
22 Lorna Mc Court
23 Melanie Clark Stavart
24 Michelle Blanchard
25 Mya Farris
26 Natalie Gamble
27 Nick Cameron
28 Richard Rogers
29 Rose Mugridge
30 Scott Watson
31 Sherri Warren
32 Simone Des Roches
33 Stephen Gosse
34 Steven Mugridge
35 Trinady Brown
36 Anthony Miller
37 Freddy Irving

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