Summerside Recreational Volleyball League: Volleyball Lingo

Saturday, May 19

A Kill is when a team spikes the ball and it either ends in a point or a sideout.

A Campfire is when a ball falls to the sand between either a couple or a few players and they are caught just looking at it as if they were circled staring at a campfire.

An Ace is when the ball is served to the other team and no one touches it.

A Dig is when a player makes a save from a difficult spike.

Jungle Ball is a volleyball game in which the people participating don't really know how to play volleyball. 

A Kong Block is a one-handed block that resembles the movement of King Kong on the biplanes in the movie.

A Free Ball is an easy ball for the opposing team to play.

Redwood is a name given to a blocker who is tall but not especially quick on their feet.

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