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SBSC Parent Conduct Policy


South Buffalo Soccer Club Parents Etiquette

We all recognize that soccer is a very passionate game for players and fans. But when it comes to youth soccer, the soccer competitiveness can bring out some of the worst instincts that we have. We all want our sons and daughters to play, to play hard, to play well, and have fun. We want them to be well coached, play on a team that is competitive in their category, and benefit in a host of ways from being involved in competitive athletics.  

Yet we, as parents, sometimes undercut how much fun our kids have, and how much they will actually benefit. This happens by and through our behavior, especially during games. So the South Buffalo Soccer Club would like to remind parents of little things that we can do on the sidelines to make the soccer season more pleasant for all concerned
most importantly, for the kids

All parents should:

  1. Check the South Buffalo Soccer Club Website ( ) periodically for all news, events and updates.
  2. Let the Team Coaches Coach
  3. Not walk up and down along the sidelines all game long, following the play, is unnerving to players and is totally unnecessary.
  4. Keep the game fun.  Winning is more fun than losing, but each player should enjoy playing because they love the game. Avoid Offering bribes or “pumping up” your child Allow them to become self motivated. Make sure that you take time to enjoy the game yourself
  5. Support your kids, regardless of how they perform on the field.
  6. Offer constructive criticism - after the game.
  7. Discourage such toxic behavior by listening patiently to any negative comments that might be made, then address issues in a positive way. Speak to the positive qualities of a player, family or coach..
  8. Know and attend the scheduled practices and games, make arrangements with other team parents if necessary to allow your child to attend.
  9. Not yell at the referees or the coaches from the stands or sidelines.
  10. Not verbally criticize the other teams' players, coaches or spectators, except to encourage.
  11. Refrain from the use of vulgar or obscene language at practice or games.
  12. Refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking or chewing tobacco in the presence of their children at practices and games.
  13. If you have an issue with a coach(es) of your home club, ask to meet with them to discuss any issue one-on-one in a calm and collective manner.
  14. Not engage negative behavior in the parking lot with the coaches, referees, opposing team members or parents.

All parents are encouraged to get involved and join the South Buffalo Soccer Club