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Praise your players when they do the things you want to see.

Don't praise the person who scored the goal (they know that was good). Praise the person who made the pass to set up the goal, after all it can be much harder to get an assist than to kick the ball in the net. Praise the person who made a good defensive play to move the ball back the other way, or showed great hustle and kept the play alive at the touchline.

In addition, when praising the players, make sure the entire field hears it. It doesn't take long the players and spectators to realize what YOU want to see. Use halftime to point out something good that each player did. Even if it was just touching the ball once, find something.

Have the players praise themselves and set goals for the game.

After the game, have every player tell the whole group something that they did in the second half that was real good. No matter what the score at the end of the game, this will help the players leave feeling good about something. Have the players set a goal for themselves to try for in the next game (ex. dribbling better or passing better...).

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