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Correction of the players is a necessary evil, but you shouldn't yell at the players or be too hard on them.

When you correct a player, do it gently, and still find something to praise. It is said that in relationships complaints should come in the form of a sandwich (praise, correct, praise). This works excellently with children. Instead of telling little Billy to pass better say, "Great hustle to get to that ball. Try to make your pass go straight. OK? You're really doing a nice job Billy!"

Always remember that mistakes are not bad things.

Players who aren't making mistakes are either not being challenged or not playing hard enough. Players should NEVER feel afraid to make a mistake. It's the way we humans learn. Always tell the players that you don't mind at all if they make a mistake by trying. The only mistake is by NOT trying.

Coaches must create an atmosphere where players don't fear mistakes, and coaches must not let parents berate their child for mistakes.

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