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Welcome to the official internet home of the Sagemont Cowboys and the Sagemont Cowgirls. Providing Football and Drill activities to the youth of the Sagemont area. The Cowboys and Cowgirls are proud founding members of the
Bay Area Football League 



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The Game

The Sagemont Cowboys will be holding their monthly board meeting on Tuesday November 14th at 7:00 at field. Everyone is welcome 


It is the purpose of this organization to provide the areayouth with a safe and organized way to play football.
While football is the game we are teaching these youngsters,
it is merely a vehicle used to teach the more important lessons
of dedication, hard work, discipline, team play and a respect
for authority, all very important qualities which will hopefully
last them the rest of their lives.
By instilling a give it all you've got and never quit attitudeinto these children while demonstrating how to show compassionfor an opponent, we are surely teaching them the most
important lessons we could ever teach.
While a winning score is the obvious goal of any contest,we cannot allow the quest of this goal to overshadow the
more important aspects of this great game, team work,personal achievement, and the ability of a player
to say that they did their very best.
   So it is with this attitude that we    the volunteers of the   

  Sagemont Cowboy Football Booster Club
do hereby dedicate our energies and actions.

adopted 6/12/98