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  LATEST UPDATES  (Oct 17, 2018) 

The location for the meeting has been confirmed.

Email sent to town coordinators today.  If your coordinator has changed, please contact.

Here is the message:

River Valley League Oct 06, 2018

Dear Coach; This note is addressed to the person designated as the primary contact for the league entries from your organization (in some cases more than one copy was sent). If you are no longer the contact, please pass this information along as soon as possible. No other notice will be sent. In addition, please inform me if you are NOT planning on entering.

The AGM of the River Valley League is scheduled for TUESDAY Oct. 23 at 7 PM at the N.Andover Middle School Café. At this time, the location is NOT CONFIRMED. The Operational meeting is Nov 05, same time and place. When the location is confirmed, I will post a notice on the website.

We need a response from all organizations regarding the number of teams and grades that they wish to enter this year PRIOR to the meeting.

For EACH TEAM when available : Grade, Coaches Name,, email & phone for coach (or a responsible party) If needed, a form is available on the site under “Handouts”. It is called “Team Entry Form”.

As in the past, each team will need to supply home dates for scheduling (note dates MUST be mm/dd/yyyy). Electronic copies only!! (Word, Excel, Txt) Required by the Operational meeting.

A Safe Kids form is required from each organization – I will attach one, but it is also available on the site. Proof of insurance also required. These must be submitted to Brian Sifferlan.

The website makes it critical that we get a coaches list together with email addresses ASAP. You should make your new coaches aware how to log in to the website: http://www.eteamz.com/rivervalleygirls

The usual order of business will take place - new members, election of officers, budget and setting of fees, insurance requirements, and tournament news. The current plan is for the fee to remain at $175 per team. Change may be made. The tournament dates will be March 8, 9 and 10, LOCATION to be discussed.

Also note that given the change we made to the By-Laws, “player exceptions” must be granted yearly. So anyone from last year has to be resubmitted.

Please try to respond at least a week prior to the meeting - (rvbball@comcast.net or ladysart@yahoo.com ). An approximation if nothing else. Larry Dysart  

 Under Handouts.  A tutorial with screen shots for all coaches or Team Administrators on how to enter game reports.

Look under "Other Events" for Info for current tournaments

  • Tewksbury Hoops for Heros;  3 on3; Nov 11
  • EMBOA Jamfest
  • Fundamental Hoops