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Address:Manchester, Connecticut  06040
           My name is Tyrick Archangel. I am the founder and president of the National Paintball Association. I would like to thank everyone that will receive this mail for the efforts you are putting into the wonderful sport of paintball. We would also like to thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this letter. The NYPA is a non-profit organization setup to foster unified participation in the sport of paintball by the youth of America. You may best describe us as little league paintball. Our goal is to establish member chapters in every city and town in America that can support one.
           The unifying of youth paintball is the only way our beloved sport can progress down the road to where we want it to be. This will elevate the skill level and talent pool of high school, college, and pro members. The bigger the sport gets the better it will be for everyone involved in paintball. Individuals in the paintball business will benefit the most from more exposure to the sport.
           What separate the NYPA from all the other leagues? The NYPA is not a league or circuit and has no intention of becoming one. We do not want to interfere with present leagues, but want to work along side them. We understand business and only want to work together for the betterment of the sport. The NYPA is an Association of several leagues under one umbrella. Each chapter will use the same rules, field, game, teams, and format. In this way, everyone will play the same game. Every team will have a coach or mentor, someone who will teach them the game at an early age. The public must see this sport as an organized organization, all traveling in the same direction. We can no longer have these splintered organizations that only want money. Paintball must have solid base before this sport can truly generate money. Money is splitting this sport. That is why the NYPA’s goal is to rebuild the sport from the bottom up, correctly. We are currently starting chapters in Louisiana, California, Washington, Wisconsin, and now Connecticut.
           We are in the early stages of development. We would like the help of local fields and organizations, because you are the ears of paintball. You know what the average paintball player want, and of course, we want to use your field. We would like anyone that would be interested in any aspect of helping us to reply by e-mail. We would also welcome any suggestion or comments. We are seeking volunteers for coaching, refereeing, league fields*, chapter organizers, and any others. If you can help in anyway, we thank you. We can also use a talented artist and web designer. Anyone interested in using his or her field should write with pricing info, so we can begin fundraising activities. If anyone would be interested in donating anything you can also reply. If you would like more info on our charitable cause and programs reply attention: CC&P. Our E-Mail is Once again thank you for your time.
Contact: Tyrick Archangel
Email:Send email
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