Osolo Little League: Boundaries

Osolo Little League Boundary Map

The Indiana/Michigan State Line between County Road 7 and Calvin Center Road. North along Calvin Center Road to Calvin Hill Road, East along Calvin Hill Road to the Porter Township Boundary, South along the Porter Township boundary to the Indiana/Michigan Line

The Porter Township line from Calvin Hill Road south to the State Line, County Road 17 from the State line south to the St. Joseph River.

The St. Joseph River between County Road 17 and State Road 19.

State Road 19 at the St. Joseph River north to Bristol Street, Bristol Street to County Road 7, north on County Road 7 to the Indiana/Michigan State Line.


When the boundary is a street, county road, or highway the centerline is the actual boundary. When the boundary is a township, county or state line the applicants must reside in your township, county or state.

Your Residency OR School must be located within our Boundaries, in order to be eligible to play at Osolo Little League.



Handout: Residency Requirements

Saturday, January 16
Boundaries (IN/MI)

Osolo Little League Michigan Boundaries #1

Michigan 2

Osolo Little League Michigan Boundries #2

Indiana 1 

 Osolo Little League Indiana Boundries #1

Osolo Little League Indiana Boundries #2 


Osolo Little League Indiana Boundries #3


 Osolo Little League Indiana Boundries #4

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