Monroe-Woodbury Little League: Welcome


The spring season has concluded, thanks to all who participated. 

Registration for the fall season will open shortly.

 Game cancellations are announced using a Free Rain Out Service - Instant messages will be sent via text or email directly to your cell phone for changes /cancellations. Know if its cancelled before you travel to the field. Here is the link to sign up, there is no team code necessary: 

 A reminder to all MWLL families and friends that NO PETS are permitted on the ballpark grounds. This policy is a result of our insurance carrier’s request, as well as for safety and sanitary reasons.

The only exception is for official guide dogs for sight-impaired individuals.

So………please leave your pet at home.

They are generally not big baseball or softball fans anyway, Thanks !    

Field rules, access, opening, closing and rain outs are ultimately determined by each town, the park commission and our school district.

The decision to play is based upon overall safety, field conditions and weather.

Teams are "NOT" permitted to use any of the fields with puddles of standing water on them.  Using a field that is closed is a violation of our agreement that may result in our permits being restricted. 

ALL volunteers are required to submit a completed 2018 Little league back ground check form. No one is permitted to interact with players during games, practices or to be on the field in any capacity without prior approval of the Mwll league board of directors.

Forms can be found on the league web site under the links and documents tab, please email completed forms to:

ANY injury of player or spectator at the field must be reported to the league immediately. Please send email to: include names of injured party and contact information, date, time, field location treatment given, and summary of what happened.

Parents should routinely check the league web site for updates and further information:

As of 1/1/18, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented for Little League. All baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity going forward.The USA Baseball marking must be present on every bat used in the Major Baseball Division and below (players who are little league age 12 and below). At the Senior League Baseball Division all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard (players who are Little League age 13 and above).For more information on the USA Bat standard and a complete list of approved bats, visit

These changes are for baseball only and not softball.2018


Facilitating a program of this size is a complex endeavor that involves many variables that we would like to make you aware of including:  

  1. Yearly charter applications and filings
  2. Establishing league safety awareness program
  3. Securing volunteer coaches and board members
  4. Umpire recruitment and training
  5. AED/CPR training for volunteers
  6. Applications for gym space, field permits and insurance
  7. Conducting player skill evaluations
  8. Equipment inventory, restocking and replacement
  9. Uniform and end of season award purchases
  10. Back ground checks / screening volunteers
  11. Conducting field safety inspection review
  12. Picture day and Picnic day planning
  13. Soliciting team sponsorships
  14. Equipment and uniform distribution for teams
  15. Formulating teams and holding drafts
  16. Distribution of equipment to fields (AED units, umpire gear, bases)
  17. Placement of children from the waitlist 
  18. Finalizing team schedules while addressing conflicts with religious instruction, school functions, other sports programs, umpire and field availability. 


This is the OFFICIAL source of all League InformationParents should frequently check this site through out the seasonfor all schedule changes, updates and cancellations.DO NOT rely on Facebook or any other social media outlets.


 Important Information: SPRING REGISTRATION IS CLOSED ! 

  • Registrations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • Sign up early, avoid being placed on a wait list and late fees.
  • Divisions may close at any time due to reaching capacity.
  • Placement depends upon overall enrollment, roster vacancies and available volunteers.
  • To request wait list send an email with "Wait List" as the subject to:  
  • Include: players full name, date of birth, home address and day time phone. 

Registration Requirements:

  • Players must reside in the Monroe Woodbury School District for program eligibility. A copy of your child's birth certificate and a MW school tax bill, current marking period report card or a school enrollment form is required for new players.
  • All players ages 9 and older must participate each year in a player skills evaluation. Failure to do so may result in your child not being placed on a team. 
  • Know your child's little league age:  

 Keys to Success:  

  • Do not over extend your child by enrolling them in too many activities making them unavailable to committ to little league.
  • In order to maximize play time and keep rosters lean the league needs players to be committed to participating in our programs. 
  • When children are unable to attend games and practices it negatively impacts our entire membership. 
  • Please do not register your child unless you are absolutely certain that they can commit to participating in the majority of practices and games.   

Additional Important Information! 

  • The league reserves the right to place players based upon roster availability, division structure, overall program enrollment, and player skills evaluation.(see menu tab for evaluations info) 
  • There is no guarantee that wait listed players can be placed.  
  • The Spring season runs from April thru June (weather permitting).
  • Opening day, field access, rain outs & cancellations are ultimately determined by each town, municipality, parks commission, our school district and Mother nature.

 Field Information and Use!  

  • Game cancellations are announced using the Free Rain Out Service - Instant messages will be sent via text or email directly to your cell phone for changes /cancellations, know if its cancelled before you travel to the field
  • MWLL does NOT own any of the fields we use for play. Permits for MWLL have been secured and we are grateful for their use.
  • We share their use with other locally permitted leagues (Soccer, Orange County Football, Lacrosse, Pop Warner football, Cross Country, School and Travel teams)
  • If a field is closed, then it is NOT to be used at all. Everyone is to stay completely off the field. DO NOT attempt to alter the field in any way to try to remove water or improve the playability. Simply stated, keep off. Not doing so violates the terms of our permit.
  • All must understand that using a field outside of our permitted time or that has been closed for any reason is a violation of our agreement with the parks commission, each municipality and the school district. Any unauthorized use may result in our field permits being suspended or revoked.
  • The Monroe woodbury school fields are to be used only when the Field Status Flag is GREEN. This flag policy applies to any outside group that has received field use approval from the District.  Please note that our school teams may use the fields while the red flag is up. The flag is located above the concession stand on the Athletic Field Complex.  The field status is also displayed on our District website.  

 A Note Regarding Volunteerism!

* Board Member * Coaches * Assistant Coaches * Umpires *  Picture Day * Trophies * Uniforms * All Stars * Equipment Management * Player Safety * Picnic Day * Fundraising * Division Representative * Liaison to local towns, municipalities, schools, local businesses * Professionals of all kinds willing to apply their expertise

    When Board members transition out, it’s helpful to have someone with experience ready to step in to make the change seamless. If you choose not to seek a Board position for the upcoming season, consider apprenticing a current Board member. Learn the ins-and-outs of his or her responsibilities, and volunteer your time to assist wherever needed. Before you know it, it may be your time to step up as a Board member, so learn now. It will make your future volunteering work that much easier.

The success of a league depends on the number of devoted volunteers it has. Everyone in the Little League family, no matter how many years they’ve been a part of their local league, should find a way to volunteer, especially ask new parents. Find the role that interests you the most and that you can commit to, and raise your hand. While you’ll find your volunteer work extremely worthwhile and gratifying, it is the Little Leaguers who will benefit the most. 

  • Our programs cannot operate efficiently or successfully without volunteers.
  • Volunteers are needed beyond team coaches.  Many people work behind the scenes to ensure that our league has a successful season.
  • You dont need to have children in the program to volunteer.
  • One of the reasons we encourage new parents to immediately get involved in their league is because often times, current Board members have kids ready to graduate from the Little League program.
  • If you are willing to assist and make the MWLL better, have a connection or skill that the league could benefit email us at:  
  • Game cancellations are announced using a Free Rain Out Service - Instant messages will be sent via text or email directly to your cell phone for changes /cancellations. Know if its cancelled before you travel to the field. Here is the link to sign up, there is no team code necessary just search for Monroe Woodbury Little league:


League Members are encouraged to attend General board meetings and share ideas to improve the experience for our children.

Meetings are typically held the second Thursday of the month at the Knights of Columbus in Monroe @ 8:15pm

Please email the league 48 hours in advance with your topic and request to be placed on the agenda :


The Mwll is a non profit youth organization based in Orange County, New York and is a chartered member of District 19 Little League International established in 1951. 

The mission of the league is to establish the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect through the fundamental teaching of baseball and softball. To achieve this, the Mwll provides supervised programs under the rules and regulations of Little League International.

2018 will be our 67th year of playing Baseball and our 7th year of Softball.    

Our programs are made possible by parental volunteers, sponsorships and participation fees from within the Monroe Woodbury community.

The goal of the MWLL is to provide the community with educational athletic programs committed to enriching the lives of our youth by providing instructional programs that teach fundamental skills, tactics, and strategies while fostering a love of the game.

Coaches prepare the youth athlete for participation at the next level of play;

Increasing the skill knowledge with proven techniques in a safe non threatening environment.

Supporting the ideal that the winning of games is secondary to the molding of exceptional citizens; Promoting and developing core values such as respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, courage, effort, and commitment that will benefit their futures and the communities in which they live;

Establishing standards of participation for all volunteers, board members, coaches, officials, athletes and spectators;

Encouraging a positive atmosphere by showing support and patience for all athletes and volunteers; Creating a culture in which volunteers, coaches, parents, officials, and athletes work together to achieve our mission.


Here is a little history of our league:

On October 25, 1950, the Lions Club held their regular Wednesday lunchtime meeting. The guest speaker was Bo Gill (sports editor of the Newburgh Daily News) and his topic was Little League Baseball.

Now, it should be understood that Little League was still a new idea in 1950. Although the program had started 10 years earlier in Williamsport, PA, there was only one Little League in Orange County and that was the Newburgh organization that had been started by Mr. Gill during the previous year.

There is no record of what Mr. Gill said that afternoon, but he must have been convincing, because the next morning the Monroe Gazette reported that the Lions Club had decided to start a Little League of their own. The Lions applied to Williamsport for a charter and since this was issued in 1950, Williamsport recognizes the year 2000 as Monroe-Woodbury's 50th anniversary - even though games did not begin until 1951.

Murray Krasnoff (who owned a pharmacy on Lake Street in Monroe) directed the effort to get the league started. Among the many people who assisted him were Fred Newbury (the league's first treasurer) and Bill "Pop" Rogers (who became the leagues first president and was later the Supervisor of the Town of Monroe).

The challenges that faced these gentlemen and their colleagues were recruiting, fund-raising and finding a place to play.

Their attempt to attract players began immediately. By November 2nd (just on week after Bo Gill's address), a simple application appeared in the Monroe Gazzette. Boys between the ages of 8 and 12 who were interested in playing Little League Baseball were asked to supply their name, date of birth and home address. (It's interesting to note that there was no place provided for a parent's authorizing signature). These forms could be mailed to Mr. Krasnoff at his pharmacy or handed to him during business hours. They could also be submitted at the applicant's school.

While the title on the application read "Little League Baseball of Monroe, NY," membership was not restricted to residents of Monroe. Youngsters from Highland Mills and Central Valley were invited to join. It is likely that the founders were concerned that Monroe, by itself, would not have enough players to form a league.

Since, in those days, Monroe and Woodbury each had their own education system, the two towns were united as a Little League before they were joined together as a school district.

Soon, after the enrollment form appeared in the newspaper, it became available in schools and in Mr. Krasnoff's pharmacy. To stimulate interest in the project, the headquarters in Williamsport shipped two films (entitled "Little League Baseball" and "Little League World Series"). These were shown without charge the day after Christmas at the Monroe High School (which is now North Main Street School). The following Spring, the Colonial Theatre in Monroe offered a Grantland Rice short feature called "Little Big Leaguers." It was shown on three consecutive days and was well-attended.

By the time practice started on May 1, 1951, there were 138 boys signed up and only 72 openings for players.