Montana District 2: Dale Clawson Spirit of LL Award

Dale Clawson 2
Dale Clawson
Honoring a Pioneer and Recognizing Great Volunteers
Deidre Martinko
Deidre Martinko

The tradition and spirit of volunteerism has long been the foundation of which the success and growth of the Little League program in Montana District 2 has relied upon.  Of the many volunteers, no one better exemplified the spirit and principles of Little League more than Dale Clawson.  Dale was a true pioneer in Montana District 2 Little League.  Since 1950, he was essential in not only helping to build the Little League programs in Missoula, but he was a leader, role model, and friend to the entire Ditrict 2 Little League Family.  His dedication and commitment to helping our youth grow to be productive citizens is the example that all those involved in youth sports should aspire to.  Following his passing in 2006, the Presidents and Officers of Montana District 2 saw it only fitting that each year, we recognize those people that give of themselves on behalf of our young athletes in the same spirit as Dale did, thus they created the "Dale Clawson Spirit of Little League Award". 

The "Dale Clawson Spirit of Little League Award" is awarded to a deserving individual every year at the annual District Conference.  The recipient is selected by the officials in the host city and honored for his or her work at the District Banquet.  The honoree is awarded an individual plaque as well as having his or her name enshrined upon the perpetual plaque that hangs proudly at Mount Sentinel Little League's Dale Clawson Complex in Missoula.  We are honored and blessed to have the opportunity to recognize and benefit from the work of Dale and these fine individuals.

Montana District 2 is proud to honor Deidre Martinko as the 2017 recipient of the Dale Clawson Award.  Deidre was a long time volunteer in the Great Falls Americans Little League.  As it's President, she was instrumental in not only upgrading facilities, but creating one of the most efficient Boards in the District.  She is a life long Little League supporter who has put countless hours in at the Americans facilities as well as District facilities.  She is a believer in the true value of Little League being one of growing communities.  The community of Great Falls and Montana District 2 are much better because of Deidre's work.  She is very deserving of this honor.


2007     Ned Ellingwood - Butte              

2008     Bob Weigum, Sr. - Great Falls    

2009     Hal Karl - Missoula

2010     Joan O'Neill - Butte 

2011     Kent Seaton - Great Falls

2012     Daurine Spritzer - Missoula

2013     Mike Parent - Butte

2014     Chuck Whitmore & Zeke Zaremski - Great Falls

2015     Renny Malach, Sr. & Al Johnson - Missoula 

2016     Bob & Dee Scalabrin - Butte 

2017     Deidre Martinko - Great Falls