Lynbrook Little League, Serving the Community since 1956: Pitch, Hit, and Run

Wednesday, May 3

7-8 Year Olds

Baseball Pitch: Bryce Boccio, Hit: Bryce Boccio, Run: Andrew Sasso, Overall: Bryce Bocci

Softball Pitch: Valentina Esposito and Delia Kirkpatrick, Hit: None, Run: Jess Valentina Esposito, Overall: Valentina Esposito 

9-10 Year Olds 

Baseball Pitch: Jake Mylan and James O’Donovan, Hit: Joseph Woods, Run: Jack Mylan, Overall: Jake Mylan  

Softball Pitch: Jessica Ferrara, Hit: Jessica Ferrara, Run: Jessica Stohofer, Overall: Jessica Ferrara  

11-12 Year Olds 

Baseball Pitch: Eithne Cusack, Hit: Eithne Cusack, Run: Hunter Brenneis, Overall: Eithne Cusack

Softball Pitch: Jamie Herrera and Bridget MahoneyHit: Jamie Herrera, Run: Jamie Herrera, Overall: Jamie Herrera

13-14 Year Olds 

Baseball Pitch: Parker Mercado, Hit: Parker Mercado, Run: Parker Mercado, Overall: Parker Mercada