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Team Web Site
For coaches or managers of one team

Check out a Team Site

Description: Keep players, coaches and parents updated on the latest team news, practice and game schedules, scores, field directions, photos and more. If you need to add information for more than one team, select the League site.
League Web Site
For league/district officers with one league and multiple teams

Check out a League Site

Description: Support multiple baseball and softball divisions as well as several different team sub-sites (PLUS sites only) under one common home. Whether you are an administrator for a League or District you can use this option to organize teams and keep everyone connected.

NOTE: Only PLUS sites offer team sub-sites (team Web sites directly listed and affiliated with the league). You may schedule and score teams associated to multiple divisions on No Cost sites. However, if you wish to have more information (roster, news, photos, stats, etc.) for each team, the team will need to create a separate Team Web site.
Organization Web Site
For park or club directors with multiple leagues

Description: We recommend that districts should choose to obtain a "league" Web site! eteamz "Org" Web sites were designed for Organizations like your local YMCA that directly run or control multiple leagues under one legal entity. With an "org" site, the baseball league, the basketball league, the softball league, and the swimming league all would have Web sites that have the same look and feel and can be directly managed by the Organization. In Little League, most districts do not directly administer the programs on behalf of their leagues, which in most all cases are separate legal entities anyway.
Details, Pricing, and More 

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