PRACTICE HOURS: Depending on the weather (heat!), during the first two to three weeks of school we may hold practice from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (M-Th) (Friday’s at 3:15 PM). Normally, practice starts at 3:00 PM. Practices will generally run from 90 minutes to two hours.


Attendance is required for all athletes who are at school during the day, including those who are injured or slightly ill

IF YOU MUST MISS PRACTICE: Notify Coach Peters IN ADVANCE OF PRACTICE if you will be absent, or if ill or injured, notify Coach Peters before practice starts. Email is the best method.  Email is bradapeters@gmail.com

Failure to notify before practice of intended non-participation will result in the loss of competition at our next meet. ATHLETES ARE ALLOWED ONLY ONE EXCUSED MISSED WORKOUT (“excused” means you gave prior notification) during the season. Upon the second missed workout, even with prior notification, participation in the next race is by coaches’ discretion, but will usually result in missing the race.

Bad Weather will not cancel practice. The coaching staff will cancel practice. If it is excessively smoggy or raining hard, practice will be modified to accommodate. Modification of practice may include postponing the start of practice to a later hour even after our three week late start period.

All absences or days of non-participation (meaning, you did not physically run the workout but were present at the workout) will be deducted from varsity letter eligibility.

Tardies to roll call are deducted a “half-day” point.

Only a doctor’s note specifically mandating “do not run” will be excused. Should a doctor’s note restricting practice be attainable, it must be submitted within one week of missed practice in order to clear attendance deductions on the varsity letter program. After one week, a doctor’s note will not clear absences for attaining letter points.

Each time you miss running a workout, you will lose a point toward letter points. This includes ALL reasons, including: - Normal doctor’s/dentist/ortho appointments - Family vacations or weekend getaways, Illness or injury, and school related extra curricular activities.

Designated “second-workouts” for the specified groups are required of those groups. Attendance is taken and counted in all aspects of the attendance/varsity letter points policy

Attendance: King emphasizes the value of competition. Therefore, it is unacceptable for athletes to miss a race unless he or she is sick. Injured athletes are expected to attend the races and support the team. Attendance at all meets is expected as well unless the athlete is being disciplined for attendance or effort-related issues.

Dress Code: All athletes must wear the school issued sweats to and from meets. Individual sweats of school colors are NOT allowed. Civilian clothes are not permitted traveling to or from meets. The current team shirt is the ONLY shirt allowed to be worn at meets while not racing. Running shoes must be worn at ALL times. No slippers, flip-flops, casual shoes or barefoot are allowed before or after your race.

Travel: All athletes must travel to and from a race on the school bus or coach-organized transportation. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE A MEET EARLY. Leaving a meet prior to the team leaving will result in a half-day deduction from letter points.

Varsity Designation: The coaching staff determines the “varsity lineup” on a weekly, race-by-race basis. The varsity seven each week will be chosen and announced prior to race day based on a variety of factors, including:
- previous times
- attendance
-  “varsity-level effort” at practice during the week (or specifically a lack of it)
-  attitude
- long-term team strategy
- illness/injury
- desire to expose a runner to varsity competition
-  and other unforeseen issues.

The decision may be made on one or a combination of all of the factors noted above.