Five Hills Track & Field Club: Administrations

This page provides administrative data you can print, submit and/or display. We also decided to share our Club's Historical Data in a PowerPoint Presentation format.
Five Hills Registration

Five Hills Track & Field Club is about training athletes to the highest of their ability while saving parents out of pocket expenses during the experience.

Family Discounts and Continued Participation reduction in registration cost supports saving parents money.

Five Hills Registration FormFive Hills Registration Form



Five Hills (Athletes) Home Work Out Regimen

These attached drills that will improve your child (ren). Expect muscle soreness the first week. Please consult with Team Managers if you have any questions.


Five Hills Sponsorship Athletes Form

Sponsorship form for parents seeking Partial or Full sponsorship under specific guidelines


Five Hills Finance Request Form

Board Members Form for requestining appropriations under the approved budget.


Five Hills Mother's Day Raffle Letter


Five Hills Mother's Day Raffle Log


Athlete(s) De-registering Information Paper

Situations may arise for athletes whom may not be able to continue. The Five Hills Track & Field Club Family addressed those issues, and came away with a honorable plan.

"Train Hard, Eat Right, Hydrate!!!"

Coach Griffin


Five Hills Historical Data

This Power Presentation provides athletes accomplishments, fees, potential fees, intended fund raising efforts, 2002 Award recipients, highlights, and future endeavors. Enjoy the information!


Conditioning Long Distance Runners

Long Distance Without Compromise

Yes, the names of some of our drills seem odd, but we are inspired by the Purdue University's Long Distance Track Program. Bambi Bounds and Hurdles Hops yielded three Olympians in 2002, and a Gold Medal to cap a 1st place finish in the final event of the Pentathlon's 1500 meters race.

We believe in hard work, and long distance running is for special athletes. They must have great physical and cardiovascular conditioning. Strap on you seat belt and watch our program put fear in many competitors. We are making a statement of well conditioned, fresh and intelligent athletes who know how to run smart and fast. Our practice is not easy, because our competitors only want to see runners to their rear; fat chance!

"Train Hard, Eat Right, Hydrate!"


Sprints, Hurdles and Jumps Conditioning

Great sprinters make great Hurdlers and Jumpers. Conditioning is the first step and we must emphasized the first step. The track circuit meets are comprised of "Preliminaries, (Possible) Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals." If a good sprinter can only muster up two good high level races. He or she will be in the stands watching and exclaiming, "What I would have done in that race." I'm sorry, we are not aligning ourselves with the "They Sayers". We will make our high level inspired athletes work hard in supervised execution. We will correct mechanics, and encourage (push) athletes to increase their intensity. You can't run faster by saving energy to get through the practice session. If you want to be a elite sprinter, then put in the work, the effort, the intensity and walk (I'm sorry... crawl) to your parents car after a moderate and deliberate cool down. Only to return at the next practice session stronger and more livelier to gain those precious seconds while lowering your sprinting time.

The velocity needed in the sprints transitions to Hurdling and Jumping. The start for Hurdling and the Jumps is a SPRINT. The explosive power developed in the sprinter is needed to lung forward and be successful in Sprint Hurdling and all four Jumps (Long-Triple-High-Pole Vaulting)

Flexibility and proper rest cycles are paramount in this conditioning phase. The Pre-Competition Phase will wet your appetite, but the Conditioning Phase will sustain you at the level of performance you want to attain.

"Train Hard, Eat Right, Hydrate!"


Pre Competiton Sprinting Drills

It's personal. The sprints is all about taking care of business. Come on, challenge yourself by embracing this introduction of elite sprinting. What happens in practice will show in competition.


Throwers Conditioning

This is a comprehensive guide in assisting coaches and parents of "Throwing Athletes". In any sports program, the physical and cardiovascular conditioning of the athlete is paramount. And then the event specific development can begin. Embrace this guide, add to, but take little away from this conditioning program. We shall have many days to throw, and throw we shall. Let's cover the basics.   

"Train Hard, Eat Right, Hydrate!"


Pre Competiton Quarter & Half Miler Sprint Drills

The 400m and 800m are truly no longer mid long distance events. The times are continuing being lowered each time athletes compete in them.

The 400m & 800m runs are sprint events and as we true Track & Field lovers call those athletes, "Quarter Milers or Half Milers."

These drills require more recover (rest) and breaks, and as you engage in them you will gasp for your second and third wind. Explosive muscular endurance is key. Follow this program and you shall have just as much energy as in the start of these races as in the end where these races are won.


Pre - Competition Long Distance

Let the running begin! Now it's time to get run specific and test our newly acquired conditioning. Expect to run on the line the first week or so to gain proper strike of the foot on the ground. Sprinting is part of long distance running, its the "Kick" which sets the top runners from the good runners. Have fun with the Threshold Runs. This will be a good time for parents to bring their cameras. Video feedback has proved to be a great assistance to the athletes.

"Train Hard, Eat Right, Hydrate!"


Pre Competition Long and Triple Jumping Drills

Everyone wants to perform a high air carrying long or triple jump. Are you ready to put in the time and efforts to distinguish yourself as a effective and consistent level jumper. While this cycle of performance drills with test your stamina and will. I wish you well in your endeavor to be the best you can be!


Jack Rabbits Pre-Championship Phase

Hello Five HIlls Track & Field Family. Every Monday in June is a very demanding practice. Ensure your children (athletes) are well hydrated prior to coming to practice. Each Saturday in June provides a unique challenge of competition, please visit out schedule menu. I'm coming in and running really fast, because the competition will not wait for us, so strap on your seat belts, and let's have some fun.

"Continue to Train Hard, Eat Right, Hydrate!"

Coach Griffin