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Fremont Flyers is an ASA “B” Tournament Team program established to provide Fremont Girls Softball players with an opportunity to play competitive softball. Fremont Flyer teams compete in tournaments throughout the greater Bay Area & Northern California. Flyer teams consist of players registered with FGSA. Players participate on both an FGSA recreational team and the Flyer team. The selection of these teams occurs in early May, with tryouts scheduled near the end of April or early May. Stay tuned to our website, , for further details The first tournament is usually scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, and teams will generally play through August. Fall season tryouts will typically be in the mid-August. Fremont Flyer teams will play in 4 – 7 tournaments during the summer and 4 - 7 tournaments in the fall. Playing tournament ball requires a high level of commitment, sacrifice, and dedication but provides players a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with competing at a higher level. Fremont Girls Softball is looking for Managers, Coaches, and Players interested in fielding teams in the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and the 18U divisions. If interested please contact our Tournament Team Director, Rusty Gibson at

2015 Fremont Flyers Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can players play Flyers or FGSA league. ?

A. No players need to play FGSA league to be eligible to play on the Flyers team.

Q. How do you select coaches?

A. The FGSA Board votes and approves the coaches presented by the tournament director

Q. Who is eligible to try out?

A. Anyone registered within FGSA.

Q. When are tryouts?

A. Tryouts will be May 2nd. Watch the league website for more information. A second tryout may occur. We hope to field teams in the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U age groups in 2015.

Q. What is covered at a tryout?

A. Ground balls, throwing, fly balls, hitting & bunting, pitching and catching. The tryouts are similar to our division tryouts.

Q. Are tryouts the only basis of the selection process?

A. No. The basis of the selection process includes performance at the try out, observation of league play, past Flyer performance and coach recommendation.

Q. What is the cost the of travel ball season?

A. Basically, the purchase of your uniform and tournament fees and will vary by team (approx $250 -$450). Flyers will conduct fundraising to help offset costs. Your daughter may get two or three seasons out of her uniforms. These costs are estimates and will vary by team. Travel costs will be additional and vary depending on where the tournaments are played.

Q. How long is the travel ball season?

A. The first tournament is usually over Memorial Day and lasts till August, with the possibility of making the ASA Western National Tournament. The players have the option to continue to play fall ball (Sept thru November) but there will be new tryouts for the fall ball teams.

Q. What commitment is expected of me?

A. Full commitment of practices and tournaments. Playing tournament ball requires a high level of commitment, sacrifice and dedication but provides players a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with competing at a higher level

Q. How are the teams selected?

A. The teams are selected by the coaching staffs of the particular age group with input from the tournament director.

Q. How is travel ball different from league?

A. First, full commitment to practices and tournaments is expected. Second, only the players on the field bat and playing time is earned. Playing time on Saturday (pool play) is more equitable that Sunday (championship play). You will be playing among the top athletes within your age group and each team is expected to step to the next level. In this atmosphere, your daughter will grow as a player and it will be evident in her level of play the following year.

Q. Who do we compete against?

A. There are three levels of ASA play: · “A” ball is an independent organization that can recruit from any area. · “B” ball is an organization that pulls girls from within their own league and the player must already be registered in the league. The one exception is girls in high school who must be within our boundary, but are not required to play (must register) in the league. · “C” ball is primarily the same as “B” ball, but is the second team for a league in a given age group. “C” teams usually compete against other “C” level teams and often play a more limited schedule that the league’s “B” team. · FGSA first fields a “B” team in a given age group and then fields a “C” team if there is sufficient interest from both players and coaches. Our “B” teams have competed successfully at the “A” level. The “C” teams may play in a “B” tournament.

Q. What is a typical tournament schedule?

A. 4-6 tournaments from May through August. Most tournaments are within the Northern California, with each team usually scheduling a couple of overnight tournaments. Overnight tournaments have been in locations such as Stockton, South Lake Tahoe, Davis, Salinas, Roseville etc. Older teams may travel farther.

Q. What is a typical tournament like?

A. Saturday is “pool” play. Typically there are three games that “seed” the teams for Sunday (championship play). Who we play and at what time on Sunday is determined by the seeding. Sunday is usually single elimination and will vary from on to three/four games.

Q. What is a typical practice schedule?

A. During league play the player’s commitment to their league team comes first for practices and games. Flyers practice will be fit in where possible. During league play there will also be practices on Saturdays or Sundays. Once our FGSA league is over, the Flyers teams will generally practice three days a week, but the final practice schedule is determined by the coaches.

Q. What are the benefits of travel ball?

A. A tournament will usually result in 4 to 7 games a weekend so that would be 30+ games for the summer season. In addition to the number of games your daughter will play, she will be with experienced coaches who continually work on mechanics, coverage and strategic play. In this atmosphere, your daughter will no doubt perform at a higher level, which will be evident in her level of play the following year.

Q. What if we have a vacation already planned?

A. Please discuss with the appropriate head coach prior to committing to the team.

Q. Who do we contact for further information or for interest in coaching a Flyer’s team.

A. Contact the Tournament Team Director: Rusty Gibson at