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At all but the highest levels, teams travel by bus a great deal of the time. When more than one bus is required seating arrangements vary considerably. At least one member of the coaching staff should be present on every bus. Many coaches group their players dependent on class status (freshman through senior). I support this system to a large degree but encourage some significant mixing. In this way freshmen can observe first hand how the upper classmen behave and conduct themselves and what is expected of them as representatives of the school. When travel plans including overnight stay, players should have hotel room sharing arrangements preset by the coaching staff. Players should eat together and remain socially interactive during road trips. Individual excursions should be discouraged, limited, or even prohibited. The one rule of thumb in traveling is to leave no evidence of one's presence other than the game itself. In other words, when a team leaves a restaurant, hotel, or any other establishment, it should leave it as (or better than) it found it. The only mark made on the host site should be of a positive nature. To leave trash about or act rudely or otherwise inappropriate is unacceptable.

While on a recent road trip with the Trezevant Bears I was speaking with a waiter at a local restaurant. He complimented us as to the behavior of our student athletes in his restaurant. He spoke of another school that had also eaten there earlier in the season complaining how boorishly they acted, how rude many of them were to his staff, and how nasty they had left the place. "I can't tell you how happy I was to read in the paper the next morning that they had lost," he concluded as he wished us well.

A team needs to have class. It must start at the top and be demanded all the way down the power structure. Only then can a team develop style.
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