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The cost of outfitting a football team can be staggering and the price continues, like everything else in our current economy, to climb. In fact many schools in recent years have discontinued their respective football programs altogether due to escalating costs. I doubt if there is a head coach anywhere that is satisfied with his or her current budget, and does not lobby for more funds from the administration. Likewise, surely every administration would like to trim the football budget to either save money or reroute it to other sports programs. Like in all other aspects of life, some equilibrium must be met. Once a budget is established, it is usually the coach's or athletic director's duty to disburse or spend the money. Safety must supersede style.

A helmet's compliance with industry safety standards takes precedence over the paint job. Safe shoes, correctly applied to the specific terrain are also critical, as they are the wheels to the vehicle. Sacrifices and trade offs may be required to build up the supply of adequate equipment, particularly if a program has been struggling "at the gate" in recent years. Liability concerns (fines for non compliance, and potential lawsuits from those injured due to inadequate equipment) should keep those who control expenditures available for discussion when it comes to budgeting equipment needs.

Generally speaking, once a program has achieved a high standard and supply of needed equipment, the reconditioning, purchasing, and maintaining of a program's equipment should remain fairly constant, rising and falling proportionally with the rate of inflation and other economic influences.
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