The Florida Bombers: Year by Year Award Winners

Wednesday, December 24
A Look at the Bombers Award Winners Since 2000

2000      Florida Bombers   (41-9) USABF National Champions

M.V.P.                              -   Paco Figueroa
Best Offensive Player -   David Espinosa
Gold Glove                     -   Danny Figueroa
CY Young                       -   Matt Bomeisl
Sam Torcise Award     -   Eric Rivera

2001    Florida Bombers    (37-10) Connie Mack Florida State Champions

CO M.V.P.                        -   Gaby Sanchez , Camilo Vazquez
Best Offensive Player  -   Gaby Sanchez
Gold Glove                      -   Danny Figueroa
CY Young                        -   Kevin Moses
Sam Torcise Award     -   Ben Zeskind

2002    Florida Bombers    (50-2) USASPORTSRANKINGS National Champions WWBA National Champions

M.V.P.                                -  Camilo Vazquez
Best Offensive Player   -  Gaby Sanchez , Willy Hernandez
Gold Glove                       -   Marcos Cabral
CY Young                         -   Alain Diaz
Sam Torcise Award       -   Aaron Braithwaite

2003    Florida Bombers    (42-8) WWBA National Champions USASPORTSRANKINGS.COM # 2 Ranked Team

M.V.P.                                 -   Adam Davis
Best Offensive Player    -   Warren Mcfadden
Gold Glove                        -   Willy Hernandez
CY Young                          -   Sean Watson
Sam Torcise Award        -   Eddy Rodriguez

2004    Florida Bombers    (38-16-1) Southeast Regional Champions
WWBA Nations # 3 Ranked Team

M.V.P.                                  -   J.P. Arencibia , Brian VanKirk
Best Offensive Player     -   Yonder Alonso
Gold Glove                         -   Jamile Weeks
CY Young                           -   Pablo Lopez
Sam Torcise Award         -   J.P. Arencibia

2005    Florida Bombers    (42-7) WWBA National Champions,Connie Mack Florida State Champions

M.V.P.                                   -   Jamile Weeks
Best Offensive Player      -   Riley Cooper
Gold Glove                          -   Danny Lima
CY Young                            -   Paolo Espino
Sam Torcise Award          -   Cory ,Cole Figueroa

2006    Florida Bombers    (46-8) WWBA National Champions , Southeast Regional Champions , Florida Bombers Memorial Weekend Invitational Champions , WWBA # 1 Ranked Team

CO M.V.P.                             -   Cole Figueroa , Yan Gomes
Best Offensive Player       -   Yan Gomes
Gold Glove                           -   Cole Figueroa
CY Young                             -   Anthony Nalepa
Co Mr.Bomber                     -   Correy Figueroa , David Rivas


2007   Florida Bombers         (27-7-1) Florida Bombers Memorial Weekend Invitational Champions, UCF Tournament Champions.


M.V.P.                                     -   Andrew Durden

Best Offensive Player        -   Andrew Durden

Gold Glove                            -   Raiko Alfonso

Cy Young                               -   Craig Gullickson

Mr.Bomber                             -   Tyler Pastornicky

Organizations Coach of the Year  -   Scott Patterson (Head Coach) Bomber Bluesox


2008 Florida Bombers      (41-8-2) Florida Bombers National Classic Champions,WWBA National Champions,Connie Mack Florida State Champions.

M.V.P.                                      -  JR Murphy

Best Offensive Player         - JR Murphy

Gold Glove                             -  Rony Rodriguez

Cy Young                               -  Kevin Alexander

Mr.Bomber                            -  Anthony Angulo

Organizations Coach of the Year  -   Tommy Duenas  (Head Coach ) Bomber Bluesox 16's


2009 Florida Bombers     (46-7-1) Florida Bombers National Classic Champions, FAU Showdown Champions.

M.V.P.                                     - Micheal Borad

Best Offensive Player       - CT Bradford

Cy Young                             - Steven Ewing

Co Mr.Bomber                     - David Perkins, Nick Krolczyk

Most Improved                    - Luke Guarnaccia

Organizations Coach of the Year - Noel Sevilla (Head Coach ) Bomber Bluesox 18's