Detroit Travel League: Welcome

Thursday, March 29
Welcome to the 2018 Detroit Travel League

Welcome back to the Detroit Travel League. We have set up this league to help downriver teams that are looking to improve their play through competitive baseball. We are a competitive league but are also looking to be a tool to teach kids the game of baseball. We want to teach them how to have fun, while playing the game at a high level.

The Past two years have been a success, and we have grown from one league and 5 teams to two leagues with 12 teams total. Id like to Welcome the Trenton Travelers, Michigan Lakers, and Lincoln Park Rails to our league. We hope that this league helps your team to grow and become a competitive tournament team. 

This year we have partnered with the Legends League based in Detroit for our 10u league and also will be playing the 12u Southeast Michigan Regional Championships at William Clay Ford Field. The Legends league are teams made up from the Detroit area helping Detroit Youths play baseball at a competitive level. It is also an outreach to bring our communities together through the great game of Baseball. The legends league is sponsored by the UAW/Ford and DYFF. (Detroit Youth For the Future.)

 Our 12u Divisions will play separate schedules, but play in the First annual Southeast Michigan Regional Championships. The top two teams from each playoff series will become eligible to participate in this first year series. Details to come!!!

Garret Street is the League Manager and is also the Wiliam Clay Ford Field Manager. We partnered with the Legends league last fall and are looking to make our leagues the most competitive and organized leagues in the Detroit Area.  Garret has put in a lot of work to make this opportunity a reality, and on most days you will find him at William Clay Ford Feild making it happen.  

I would like to post any tournament wins or runner ups we may have on our site also, so that each team can be recognized and kind of give us a gauge as to how competitive we are outside of our league. If you could please email me at, I will be sure to post any 1st or 2nd place results.