Detroit Travel League: Welcome

Thursday, January 19
Welcome to the 2018 Detroit Travel League

Trenton Travelers - Sports Force Park Round Tripper Tourney - Runner Up - Sandusky OH

Trenton went 4-1 in this tourney which is very competitive and features many teams from OH, MI, IL, NY and Indiana. 



We would like to congratulate the following teams!!!

Detroit Travel League 11 Playoff Champs - Downriver Demons 

Detroit Travel League 10u - Indians Baseball Club - Champs!!!

             Downriver Demons - runner-ups

Legends League 10u - Full Count Kings - Champs!!!!

          Defender Patriots - runner-ups

Detroit Travel League 11u - Southwest Aztecs - 1st place

     Downriver Demons - 2nd place

 Good Luck to all teams playing in the Southeast Michigan Regional Championships!!!!! 




Welcome back to the Detroit Travel League. We have set up this league to help downriver teams that are looking to improve their play through competitive baseball. We are a competitive league but are also looking to be a tool to teach kids the game of baseball. We want to teach them how to have fun, while playing the game at a high level.

The Past two years have been a success, and we have grown from one league and 5 teams to two leagues with 12 teams total. Id like to Welcome the Trenton Travelers, Michigan Lakers, and Lincoln Park Rails to our league. We hope that this league helps your team to grow and become a competitive tournament team. 

I would like to post any tournament wins or runner ups we may have on our site also, so that each team can be recognized and kind of give us a gauge as to how competitive we are outside of our league. If you could please email me at, I will be sure to post any 1st or 2nd place results. 


Thursday, May 3
10 Team Divisions

There is some confusion as to divisions for the 10. Since we are playing cross over games, I had to add all teams to the division, so I could score the games and have them count in the standings. Cross over games do count for your division, even though you may be playing another team in another division. When looking at standings you should ignore the teams that are not in your division. Here are the Divisions....

Legends League:

 Yankees, Full Count Kings, Patriots, Orioles, Ecorse Knights, HEH Hawks, Dodgers

Detroit Travel League:

Braves, Indians, Demons, Aztecs, Seminoles, Windsor Stars, Monarchs