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We are this area's premier wood bat Recreational League for skilled players.  We were the first modern era recreational League in the DC Metro area (and if not the first in the United States, certainly one of the first) to abandon metal bats and return to the exclusive use of wood bats.

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DC Wood News 1
Weather makes come back!
Tuesday, August 15
Silver Bullets and Barons RAINED OUT AGAIN

After getting tricked yesterday, the Weather got up off the mat, took off its gloves and knocked out tonight's game to even its clash with the DC Wood Championships at 3 and 3 - three played, three rained out.  No game tonight.  Game tomorrow at McLean, 7:45pm?  We shall see, but Weather seems to have the momentum.

DC Wood News 1
Noah in the stands?
Monday, August 14
Barons Grab Series Lead (Video Highlights)

Tonight, W. Potomac remained unplayable.  After losing both Saturday and Sunday to rain and drenched fields, it looked very much like this Series’ third game was going to be washed out for the third time.  However, after scouring the area, the League was able to find a field at McLean still dry enough to take play.  The game was moved and both managers got to the field early in order to rake out the gullies that had formed on the infield dirt from the weekend’s rain, and the first pitch was only 5 minutes after the originally scheduled game time.

The Falls Church Barons offense did not appear the least bit rusty.  In the first inning, Aiken led off with a single and before the top of the inning ended both Brown and Caylor had hit long SAC flies to give the Barons a 2-0 lead before the Arlington Silver Bullets hitters saw a pitched ball.  The Barons got another run in the 3rd with a bases loaded HBP.  When Pena then drove in Aitken for a 4-0 lead, a Barons win started to take on an air of inevitability.  The Bullets finally got started, but only after there were two outs in the bottom of the 5th.  That was when Jazewski smacked a double.  When that double was followed by another, followed in turn by a walk, another double, a single and a walk the inevitable became evitable with the game tied at 4.  When the next Bullet sent a bullet down the third base line, it seemed momentum may have spun entirely.  But the Barons’ Lord caught that bullet on one hop and dove to third base in time to end the inning and allow the game to start from scratch in the 6th with the teams even.  As often happens, Lord’s defensive marvel inspired the Barons’ offense and the first two Barons up in the 6th hit singles.  But, when the Bullet’s Conlin made short work of the next two Barons, the focus was on Barons’ leadoff man, Aktken, who had scored the game’s first run.  Aitken, who has been on a hot streak this Series, did not disappoint. He took a 1-2 pitch to right field and drove in both Barons runners. Entering the 9th behind by 2 the Bullets started their own rally, getting their first two hitters on.  With no one out and the winning run at the plate, the Barons’ closer, Howard, suddenly faced three match points. He held to get the next two hitters without allowing either baserunner to score. But then he had to face the Bullets fearsome clean-up hitter, Klein.  Klein smashed a rocket to first, but Brown, the Barons’ first baseman, dove to knock it down, picked it up, got up and dove a second time to reach the bag before the hustling Klein and end the game.  Barons 6, Bullets 4.  Aitken, still hot, went 3-4 with 2 RBI.

The Barons now have a 2-1 Series lead with a chance to close this out tomorrow night at McLean, as the teams await weather’s permit or intervention.

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DC Wood News 1
Friday, August 11

There will be FALL BALL MANAGER'S MEETING, next SATURDAY, August 19, 2017, 9am, at Whitlows-On-Wilson.

If you plan to have a team competing this fall, or if you are considering doing so, please BE THERE.

DC Wood News 1
Tough job for umpires!
Thursday, August 10
Barons Even Things (Video Highlights)

Tonight the Falls Church Barons sent their ACE McClure to the mound tasked with erasing the memory of their heartbreaking loss in game one of this Championship Series.  His counterpart, the Arlington Silver Bullets’ Mahl had the task of continuing the Barons discomfort and he did so through the first two innings. He threw only 10 pitches to record 6 outs.  But keeping Barons hitters off the bases is a high wire act at all times and in this night’s third inning Mahl slipped off that wire.  The Barons got 5 hits in the third, which led to 5 runs.  McClure made sure those were all the runs the Barons needed.  He went seven strong innings, struck out 9 Bullets and allowed only 1 run (in the 6th).  The greedy Barons got another run they did not need when McEnhimer hit a home run in the 6th.  The Barons added 3 more in the 8th, highlighted by an Aitken 2 RBI single.  The Silver Bullets got a run in the 8th off of reliever, Howard, but could not get a rally started.  Barons 9, Silver Bullets 2.

We note a very scary situation occurred mid-game when the home plate umpire, Tim, got drilled in the part of his chest that didn't have any padding. He was in agony, and there was a 20 minute stoppage while he recovered and the umpires switched positions to get him from behind the plate.  We are grateful for the wonderful job Tim and others have done for us throughout our Play-offs.  We are happy Tim recovered enough to chose to continue, and we hope he is feeling better tomorrow!

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DC Wood News 1
Tuesday, August 8
Exciting Championship Opener (Video Highlights)

The English language is so fully alive that words and phrases go in and out of style and new words and phrases rapidly change meanings and overlap with nuance.  So many different words or phrases can say almost the same thing that often you can tell a person’s age just from the words he uses.  But some things seem to call out for a revival of old time usage.  For example, the opening game of the DC Wood Championship was a ‘pip’.

The pitching was marvelous, yet there were 25 hits, including a ground ball in the first inning that the shortstop lost in the sun!  A very bright sun, useful earlier in drying out a field very wet this morning from a heavy rain last night, was brutal for a few minutes just before it went down directly on the first base side of the field.

Every inning had some drama, although starters Kevin Conlin for the Arlington Silver Bullets and Scott Nelson for the Falls Church Barons each pitched into the 6th inning and each kept his team close enough to win. Each team scored a run in the 1st inning.  The Barons got two more in the 3rd when McEnhimer singled, Brown doubled and Lord followed with another double.  The Bullets got a run in the bottom of the 3rd when C.J. Aftergut opened with a hit, advanced to third and then scored on Ben Corson’s ground out to the right side.  The Barons pushed their lead back to two in the 4th when a two out rally peaked with Howard’s double to score Brown.  The Barons’ 4 - 2 lead vanished in the 6th when the Bullets used an error a walk and hits by Klein, Harrah, Polk and Mildenstein to score 3 and take a 5 - 4 lead.  After leading off the bottom of the 7th with a single, Jaszewski scored another run for the Bullets, and when both teams put men on base, but could not score in the 8th, the Bullets went into the 9th with a 6 - 4 lead.  It didn’t hold.  Lord started off the Baron’s 9th with his fourth hit of the night.  After another hit and a walk, Jackson’s bases loaded walk got the Barons within one, and Taran’s SAC fly tied the game going into the Bullets’ bottom of the 9th.  Aftergut led off the bottom of the 9th with a walk, then the Bullets got the slight break that does not show up in the box score, but was needed for their win. Jaszewski hit into a double play that did not happen.  His sharp ground ball to second was bobbled just a little bit, but long enough to allow a hustling Jaszewski to turn the would be DP into an FC; and when Klein was hit by a pitch from the Barons’ Howard, Harrah came up with the winning run in scoring position.  He came through.  His walk-off RBI single gave the Silver Bullets a 7 - 6 win. The Bullets' offense combined for 15 hits. Mildenstein picked up the win in relief. Lord and Brown accounted for nearly all of the Baron's offense, combining for 7 hits, 3 of them doubles.


DC Wood News 1
Seeds hold
Sunday, August 6
Barons in Championship again

After raining out every attempt to continue the Semi-final Series between the Falls Church Barons and the Senators Baseball Club during the week, the weather, after finally clearing on Friday, provided perfect weather for today's rubber match.  The Barons turned to one of their veteran lefties, Matt Ryan for the start and the SBC countered with Ittenbach.  Neithr Ryan nor Ittenbach allowed a run through the first 6 innings.  The Senators put runners on base in each of their 6 innings on offense, but Ryan got out of every jam with key pitches and aid from a tight Barons defense.  In the 7th, the Barons turned to their other veteran lefty, Nelson, and after a quick K, the SBC got back to back hits to put runners on 1st and 3rd.  SBC then took a 1-0 lead when a seeing-eye single got through, but Nelson got out of the inning after limiting the damage to that one run.  In the 8th the Barons' stagnant offense finally got going when Glaser led off with a walk and Jackson smashed a double off of the wall in left center to tie the game.  A Lord single then scored Jackson.  The Barons added their 3rd run of the only inning in which they scored when Howard's SAC fly drove in Aitken.  The Barons sent on their closer, Howard, for the 9th and the first SBC hitter doubled.  When the next hitter walked the Senators had the tying runs on, no one out, and momentum swinging their way.  But then the Senators violated a core baseball principal, 'do not make the first out at third base'.  The momentum from their leadoff double was blunted when an ill-fated attemt to steal 3rd was not successful.  Howard quickly put the tying run back on by walking the Senators'next hitter.  But Howard ended the game and the Series and put the Barons into their third consecutive DC Wood Championship Series by striking out the next two batters.  Barons 3, SBC 1.

The 3 out of 5 Championship Series begins on Tuesday, 7:45pm at Marshall.

DC Wood News 1
Great game!
Saturday, August 5
Senators even Series

After 3 straight false starts, the Falls Church Barons and the Senators Baseball Club finally were able to play their second game of the semi-final series.  McClure went 9 strong for the Barons accumulating 13 strike-outs along the way.  He  allowed only one earned run but the opportunistic Senators took advantage of every Barons defense miscue and took a 3-0 lead into the sixth inning.  The Barons offense was kept at bay by some quality Senators pitching and defense, and the Barons also squandered some chances with some base-running blunders.  However, the Barons got a run in the sixth to make it 3-1 Senators.  Then, in the eighth the Barons' McClure came to the plate with two runners on and two out.  He launched a clutch 2 RBI double to left center field to tie the game.  When neither team could score in the ninth, we had an inning of free baseball.  There was to be only one such inning.  In the top of the tenth, the first two Barons went quickly bringing Taran to the plate.  His single kept the Barons at bat, and when he stole second the Barons had a sudden opportunity to take their first lead of the game.  Caylor followed Taran and worked his third walk of the evening, bringing McClure to the plate.  Again he produced in the clutch when his grounder up the middle scored Taran to give McClure his 3rd RBI of the night.  That was all the Barons could get, and they sent Bright to the mound to close out the Senators, no easy task tonight.  The Senators started just putting balls in play.  After an initial ground out, the Senators got three straight hits.  Then, with the infield in, the next batter hit a 2 RBI single to center field for the game winner. 
Gibson and McClure paced the Barons offense with a combined 6 hits on the night.
This Series will be decided on Sunday, 1pm at W. Potomac.

DC Wood News 1
Beautiful night after days of rain
Tuesday, July 25
Semi-Finals set

The DC Cardinals, hoping to extend a Series that had already been extended quite a bit by the weather, sent Wilmes to the mound against the Arlington Silver Bullets Mahl.  In the top of the first inning Mahl walked, took advantage of some sloppy Cardinal defense and opened the scoring of this rubber match without a Bullets' hit.  In the bottom of the first, Mahl struck out the Cardinal side, but between strike-outs the Cardinals got 4 hits and 3 runs to take a 3-1 lead. The Cardinals added a run in the third, while Wilmes kept the Bullets from scoring for the next three innings.  But Wilmes experienced some elbow stiffness and Ramos came on in relief in the fifth.  He was not as effective and the Bullets got two in the fifth to find themselves only one run behind.  It stayed that way through 6, but in the seventh the Bullets needed only a single single to manufacture a 4 run rally, as the Cardinal’s defense took an inning off.  On offense the Cardinals put 2 runners on in each of the 6th, 8th and 9th, but were unable to get anyone the final 90 feet.  The Bullets scored a meaningless run in the ninth to make the final, 8-4, Silver Bullets. Mahl went 6 innings for the win. Gibson came on in the 7th and picked up the 3-inning save striking out 5. Mahl also helped out his cause at the plate reaching base 5 times (2-2 with a triple, an RBI, and 2 walks).

The Falls Church Barons turned to their lefty veteran, Nelson, to start on the mound for the decisive game 3 of their Series with the Washington Thundercats.  The Barons supported Nelson early and often and gave him an 8-2 lead through  the 5 strong innings he pitched.  Nelson allowed only 3 hits.  Those three were the only hits the Thundercats got tonight, as McClure K'd 5 in 2 innings of relief.  The Barons potent offense never let up.  Led by homeruns from Howard and Jackson, the Barons shortened the game by getting to a 12 run lead after 7innings played.  Caylor went 3-3 with 2 doubles and McEnhemier, fresh from his 3 week trip to the west coast, chipped in with 2 doubles.  Barons 14, Thundercats 2.

The Alexandria A's beat the Washington Grays 9-5 in 8 innings shortened due to time. The Grays brought the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the 8th before relief pitcher Tinnesz induced the final ground ball out. Beasley got the win for the A's, going 6 1/3 and giving up 2 earned. Fruth went 4-for-4 for the A's, while Payne and Omeir each had 2 hits, the latter driving in 2 runs.

The Senators Baseball Club game back from the loss of their opener in their Series with the Washington Mallards to take two in a row and advance to the Semi-finals with an 8-5 win tonight.  They will open against the Falls Church Barons this Thursday.

DC Wood News 1
Weather cooperates
Thursday, July 27
Seeds hold in Semi-final openers

The Arlington Silver Bullets rode a complete game shutout by their ace, Conlin, to beat the Alexandria Athletics in this Semi-final Series opener. Conlin struck out 7, scattered 5 hits, and gave up 3 walks but not a single run. The Bullets got the only run they would need in the 1st inning after Jaszewski walked, reached second on a wild pitch, and scored on Klein's RBI single to right field by diving headfirst to the plate, and barely avoiding the catcher's tag after a strong throw from the A’s’ Garboczi. The Bullets did not score again until the fourth inning, when, with 2 outs and runners at the corners, Mahl, the runner at first took off to draw a throw.  As soon as the throw went through, Klein, on third, raced for home.  Although the A’s shortstop cut off the throw, Klein’s jump made any attempt at home unrealistic and the A’s had to settle for a run-down of Mahl, who had stopped with the catcher’s throw and headed back toward first.  He never made it, but he delayed his tag long enough for Klein to score and give the Bullets a 2-0 lead.  That lead lasted until the seventh inning as the A’s stayed within striking distance through 6.  Then, in the bottom seventh, the Bullets, who had managed only two hits and two scratched out runs through 6, suddenly felt the governor drop off their offense, and a track meet broke out on the basepath.  Before the seventh ended, 6 runs had been generated, aided by 2 RBI triples by both T. Thomas and Klein.  For good measure, the Bullets added 2 completely unneeded runs in the eighth to win going away, 10-0.

The Falls Church Barons opened their Semi-final Series by facing the Senators Baseball Club for the first time this season.  These long time DC Wood teams have met only seldom over the years. Both clubs have traditionally been opportunistic on offense, and the Senators showed that in the first inning by following a Barons’ error with back to back hits leading to a quick 2 runs.  The Barons got one back in the bottom of the second inning with Taran's sac fly. In the bottom of the third inning 3 consecutive miscues by the Senator’s defense led to 2 more runs and a 3-2 lead for the Barons.  After a 30 minute lighting delay, the Barons offense went right back to work.  Another Senator’s error in the fifth gave the Barons another opening and their potent offense, highlighted by a bases clearing double from McEnhiemer, put up 5 runs and took an 8-2 lead.  That ended the scoring this night as Howard came on and shut down the Senators over the last 5 innings, fanning 5 and allowing only 3 hits during his stint.  Barons 8, SBC 2.

DC Wood News 1
Inconvenient RAIN
Tuesday, August 1
A's extend Series - Barons and Senators cancelled again

The Falls Church Barons and the Senators Baseball Club were scheduled to meet at Blair this evening.  A very large amount of water fell from the heavens in the time from the opener of this Series last Thursday through Sunday.  Finally, all fields in the area had dried from a washed out weekend and a beautiful sunny day was set to melt into a perfect night for baseball with a forecast that estimated the chance of rain at 0%.  At about 6pm, that 0% chance of rain became rather wet and very quickly.  By game time, there was no chance of play this night.  This game is reset for Wednesday, 8pm, same location.  We shall see.

Because of this reschedule, if a third game is necessary, it will be moved to Friday, rather than Thursday.  Time and Location will remain McLean, at 7:30pm.

The main body of rain was reduced to just a short sprinkle at Frank Mann and the Alexandria Athletics were able to host the Arlington Silver Bullets, hoping to extend this Series after a blow-out loss last Thursday.  There is a tradition and institutional toughness in the A's and it came out tonight as the A's stayed alive to play again this Thursday. The A's offense, dormant in the opener, awoke for 11 hits and 9 runs. The Silver Bullets did not go easy, however.  The Bullets entered the top of the 8th down 9-3.  But, apparently happy to be facing someone other than A's starter Lohrman, quickly doubled their night's production over the first 7 innings to cut the A's lead in half.  After the A's added nothing in their half of the eighth a Bullet leadoff walk in the top of the 9th was ominous to A's fans with the top of the Silver Bullets lineup looming. After two outs, that leadoff runner scored on a single that brought the tying run to the plate. A deep fly ball to left center field hung in the air just long enough for the left fielder to make the out, and the A's forced a Game 3 with a 9-7 win. Simon led the A's offense with 3 hits, and Garboczi and Anderson each had 2 hits, for a total of 5 RBIs between them.  Lohrman recorded the win and Bryner got the save.



DC Wood News 1
Rain came, threatened, then left
Friday, August 4
Silver Bullets in Championship

At 6:30pm last night, it seemed as if some power did not want the DC Wood Semi-final Series to happen.  Exactly as happened in Maryland on Tuesday and Wednesday, about an hour before the rubber match between the Arlington Silver Bullets and Alexandria Athletics a previously beautiful day abruptly clouded and rain, strong winds, and lightning approached Alexandria. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the eastern edge of the storm slipped by, managing to only graze Frank Mann Field.  Just a mile west of the field torrential rain poured, but the rain at Frank Mann lasted only 20 minutes and the field remained playable for the 7:30pm start.  In this rubber match, the Bullets turned to their ace, Conlin, who drove 4 hours from his vacation in New Jersey and once again pitched a gem. Conlin took a no-hitter into the 6th inning and lasted 7 innings (exiting with a Bullets 7-2 lead) to earn the win as the Bullets advanced to the DC Wood Championship Series with an 11-4 win.  The Bullets' offense staked a 4-0 lead through 3 innings led by a RBI double from Pall and a 2 RBI single from Corson in the 3rd. The Bullets' offense continued to threaten in later innings and added insurance runs. Harrah and Pall reached base in all 5 of their trips to the plate.

The Bullets will do a no-rain dance for the Falls Church Barons vs. Senators Baseball Club, whose series continues tonight at Wheaton with game 2, if those teams aren't rained out for the third time this week.

DC Wood News 1
Now the REAL season starts
Monday, July 17
Last weekend sets Play-off seeding

The Falls Church Barons got two easy wins on Saturday morning when the Derwood Bulls folded Friday afternoon, giving the Barons, who were scheduled to end their season against the Bulls with a double-header.  Those two forfeit wins gave the Barons a chance at the number 1 seed, but they needed help from the Washington Grays.  In order to knock the Arlington Silver Bullets out of first place, the Grays had to take both ends of their DH against the Silver Bullets.  They almost did it.  The first game needed free baseball, but in one extra inning the Bullets finished their come-from-behind win, 5-3.  The Grays took the second game, 3-1.  That did not matter to the Bullets, but it surely mattered to the Grays.  Seeds 3 through 8 were in flux right through this last weekend.

 A's  muffed any hope of moving up when they could field only 8 players for game 1 of their DH against the Senators Baseball Club.  The Senators scored in bursts of 6 and 7 runs in the 1st and 5th, and won the first game, 13-4.  More A's showed up for game 2, and with a full squad the second game was scoreless through the first four innings, but when the Senators got 3 in the 5th and piled on for 8 more in the final 2 innings, the A's suffered an 11-0 loss.

The Washington Thundercats could not get out of ninth place when they split their season ending DH with the Northern Virginia Navigators.  The Thundercats won the first game, 8-4, but lost the second, 6-3.

Finally, the reeling DC Cardinals seem not yet to have recovered from their strange opener against the Falls Church Barons.  Uneven pitching, sketchy defense and anemic offense has not been a winning combination and it proved less than adequate against the Arlington Mallads, who ended their regular season with two wins, 15-0 and 6-0.

DC Wood News 1
Play-off Baseball!
Friday, July 21
Some interesting openers

The DC Wood Play-offs opened with all first round games played last night.

The first seeded Arlington Silver Bullets used some leaky DC Cardinals defense to score early, and used strong pitching to coast to victory in their opener, 13-1.  Conlin started for the Bullets and went 5 innings to get the win. The Bullets' Costa led the offense, going 3-3 with a double, 2 RBIs, and a BB.

The Falls Church Barons won a weird one, 11-0, over the Washington Thundercats, but the score alone would not suggest how this game went.  The Barons, who led most of the way during the regular season, lost the first seed, in part, when they lost their last game of the season to the Thundercats, who spent most of the season near the bottom of the standings.  So the Barons were looking for a little revenge, but were not having much success through the first 6 innings.  Until the seventh there only 3 hits between the two the teams, and no runs, and with some lights issues at Lee, it looked very much like this game was going to end in a tie.  Then came the seventh.  The Barons offense rolled a seven in the bottom of the seventh.  With 4 more in the 8th, the Barons suddenly had a very comfortable cushion.  The Barons' McClure went 7, allowing only 1 hit, no walks, 13K's and Howard closed it out with three strike-outs over hie two innings of relief.  Caylor had 3 big hits with 2 RBI and Brown doubled twice to drive in 2.  The Barons only faced one above the minimum in 9 innings played.

The Alexandria A's, of whom it seems we always have to say about their Play-off games, "they have been here before", once again proved tough in a tough game.  The Grays' Quinn and A's Tinnesz dueled for almost four innings until the Grays strung together some solid hits and induced some errors to jump ahead 3-0, sparked by an RBI double off the fence by Turlik, his first of two RBI extra base hits on the night . But, the A's answered quickly.  Omeir drove in Fruth with a double in the top of the 5th. The Grays suffered a balked in run in the 6th, and the A's got two runs in each of the 7th and 8th, to take a 6-3 lead into the ninth. Tinnesz exited after 7, and his relief was strong for one inning, but the Grays, who have also "been here before", did not wither. With bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 9th, Lohrman came in for the save. The Grays pushed across one run on a passed ball, another on a ground out, and then, with the tying run at 3rd base, just seconds from the drop-dead time limit, Lohrman forced another ground out out to end the game. Final score was 6-5, A's.

The Arlington Mallards entered the Play-offs as the sixth seed against the third seeded Senators Baseball Club. In this, their inaugural season the Mallards absolutely had not "been here before".  But they have now, and their first ever Play-off game could not have gone much better for them.  The Mallards went up in the first inning when Colin McMahon shot a 2 RBI line drive up the middle to score Mac Gill and Cam Kostyack. That 2-0 lead lasted until the seventh inning when Mike Ryan, standing on third after a leadoff triple was batted in by Mitchell Rhode's 2 out double. The following inning, Kyle Kirsch connected with a thunderous 2 run home run blasted into the trees in dead center at Wheaton Regional Park. The Mallards would plate one more in the 9th inning to cap their 6-0 opener upset. The Mallard's dominating mound performance was a combination of Phil Reese and Gus Gill.  Phil Reese started and threw a scoreless 5 innings, fanning 8.  Gus Gill entered the game in the 6th inning and put the Mallards defense on cruise control - throwing 4 scoreless innings, giving up only 2 hits, while striking out 9. The Mallards hope to end this Series with a home win tomorrow at West Potomac.

DC Wood News 1
RAIN, and more rain
Thursday, July 6
DC Wood - Industrial League ALL STAR GAME - RAINED OUT! ALSO, no DC Wood games tonight

The DC Wood All Stars were ready to take on the Northern Virginia Industrial League All Stars last night, but the weather refused to cooperate.  The Industrial League tried every way possible to make the field ready, including pushing the start time back to 8pm, but at 8pm the rain started down even more steadily and the game had to be cancelled.

There is no 'back-up' date, but both Leagues are looking at the current schedule and hope to get this in before both Leagues go into their respective Play-offs.

THE RAIN has continued through today, and both DC Wood games scheduled for tonight are CANCELLED.

DC Wood News 1
Inter-League play has started
Wednesday, June 7
DC Wood taking Industrial League games

June 5
Bullets win 4-3 thriller over IBL Heat

June 7
Barons defeat IBL 6-1. A close game in the bottom of the 6th, Gibson and Glaser got the key hits to extend the Barons lead. Anninos pitched 3 innings in relief, K'ing 7.

DC Wood News 1
Barons, Barons, Barons
Thursday, November 10
Barons sweep series, earn the DC Wood 'Double'

The weather this fall and, in particular for these Play-offs could not have been more fine for baseball.  The showers that passed through the area early yesterday were perfect for settling the dust. Frank Mann was in immaculate condition for game #3 of the Fall Ball Championship series.  The Falls Church Barons, looking for a series sweep, sent Glaser to the mound. The shorthanded Crystal City Federals countered with Hernandez, looking for a momentum shift in the series.  The Barons struck first, scoring a run in the first when Ayers knocked in Bolden.  The potent Barons offense, aided by the fact that the Federals were playing with only two outfielders, kept it going in the second, scoring 7 off of Bolden and Ayers doubles, and other hits that found room to roll in the outfield.  The Barons offense added 4 more in the 4th, powered by a leadoff triple by Bolden.  The Feds finally got on the board in the 5th, scoring 3 runs off of Glaser.  But that was too little, too late as the Barons offense poured it on with 2 in the 5th and 4 in the 6th.  Glaser who had allowed only 3 hits, was relieved by Bolden who secured the TKO victory for the Barons, which ended mercifully after seven, 18 - 3. Ayers had a monster day for the Barons, going 5-5 with 4 RBI to pace the Barons 20 hit effort.  Bolden chipped in with 4 hits and 5 runs scored. Glaser earned the decisive game #3 win.  
The Barons complete a 2016 sweep of the DC Wood Championships (summer & fall), a feat last accomplished by the 2010 Alexandria A's. This is the first fall ball title for the Barons, who had played in 4 previous Fall finals without getting the title.  Since beginning play in the Leauge, the Barons have now won 4 titles, and have proven to be a consistant force in DC Wood.


DC Wood News 1
Starting to cool off
Monday, November 7
Barons win looking for a sweep

The Falls Church Barons benefited early from free passes and errors by the Crystal City Federals defense in the second game of the Fall Championship Series.  The Barons jumped out to a 5-0 lead after 2.  Barons starter, Ayers, cruised through 5, finally allowing an unearned run in the top of the 6th.  The Barons responded in the bottom half of the inning, scoring 4 more with Fogelman and Lezak's RBI doubles.  Ayers got a little stiff during the long half inning, and when he went back out for the 7th, he was clearly out of gas.  The Feds used 4 walks and 3 singles to get within 4 runs, but the Barons called on reliever, Chavez, who got a key K to end the rally.  The Barons got one of the runs back when Anninos tripled to deep center and Taran drove him in on a ground ball to the infield.  In the top half of the inning, Chavez K'd two and induced a ground ball to earn the Save and game #2 for the Barons.  Lezak had two hits and 3 RBI, and Brown had two hits and an RBI to pace the Barons offense.  Ayers picked up the win.

DC Wood News 1
Weather still great unseasonably late
Saturday, November 5
Barons open with blow-out

The Falls Church Barons opened up the championship series with a 14 -0 win over the Crystal City Federals. The game was close for the first three innings, but things took a bad turn for the Federals in the 4th when the Barons took advantage of some free passes and key hits to drive in 10 runs.  Nanarello's bases clearing triple and DiJulio's double down the line were the highlights of the breakthrough inning. Barons starter, Ryan, was phenomenal, throwing 7 innings of 2 hit ball and striking out 13 batters.  The Barons added 4 more in the 8th, highlighted by Brown's 2 run HR. Chavez closed out the game for the Barons.

DC Wood News 1
Seed holds in this Semi-final
Thursday, November 3
Federals to face Barons

This is why the regular season is important.  The Arlington Silver Bullets played 8 games over the last 15 days.  They had a tough Series with the Cardinals that went the distance.  They came into this Semi-final a little ground down but hung tough to get to another rubber match.  Meanwhile, the Crystal City Federals had earned a bye due to their regular season success and they came into this Series like Nixon in '68 - rested and ready!

The Federals got the scoring started early, with Sean McCliggit driving in two runs in the bottom of the first with a single.  The Federals added another run in the bottom of the third.  The Bullets battled back in the top of the 4th, and picked up two runs to make this a ball game.  And the game stayed close for the next two innings, but the Bullets pitchers were winding down like an energizer bunny when the commercial ends.  Finally, the Federals Dan Alvarez broke the game open with a 3 Run Home Run over the center field fence.  Rafael Hernandez picked up the 7-3 win, throwing a masterful complete game.

The Barons, upset victors over the A's, step into the shoes of the top of the higher seeded bracket and will have home field advantage in the Championship Series that begins Saturday at Frank Mann.

DC Wood News 1
It appears weather is going to cooperate
Thursday, November 3
Rubber match between Feds and Bullets tonight is ON

A few drops fell right at 2pm, then nothing since.  Small groups of clouds moving by until game time when we may get another few drops, but looks like nothing more than something to settle the dust.  Unless something VERY unusual occurs between now and 8pm, tonight's game is ON

DC Wood News 1
A bit chilly, but still great weather for baseball
Tuesday, November 1
Silver Bullets even Series

The Arlington Silver Bullets evened their series with the Crystal City Federals after winning 5-3 in Game 2.  The Bullets  built a 5-1 lead after 3 innings but the Federals fought back. The Bullets' starter, Polk, who was strong through 4 innings, began to tire in the 5th and the Federals scored 2 runs to cut the deficit in half. Polk started the 6th inning but was clearly done when he loaded the bases with a walk, a single, and another walk. Mahl entered for the Bullets with the bases loaded and no one out and pitched out the jam with back-to-back strikeouts and a popup. The Federals' starter Snyder settled in and shut down the Bullets offense after the 3rd inning giving his team an opportunity for a comeback. The Federals loaded the bases again in the 7th with 2 outs but Mahl pitched out the jam with a strikeout to end the threat. Klein and Harrah carried the Bullets' offense as Klein finished 3-4 with 2 RBIs and a run scored while Harrah was 2-3 with a run scored and an HBP.

Rubber match of this Series will be Thursday, November 3, 2016, 8pm, W. Potomac.


DC Wood News 1
Monday, October 31
Barons advance to Championship Final, Federals open Series with a win

The Falls Church Barons started off the scoring in the first inning against the Alexandria A’s when Brown’s first RBI hit of the day scored Taran who had led off the game with a single.  In the fourth, the Barons loaded the bases and then scored four runs on a walk, a sac fly and a 2 RBI double by McEnheimer.  The Barons scored three more in the fifth. Nannarello doubled off the left field fence, then with two outs, Anninos drove him home.  Then Browned mashed a towering 375+ drive to CF, clearing the scoreboard, for a 2 run homer to end the Barons’ scoring for the day.  Ayers went 7 & 2/3 innings on the mound for the Barons, during which he had the benefit of some solid defense.  Schragger made some key plays at first, diving for two force plays at the bag.  Taran and DiJulio turned two key double plays to end A's rallies and Vanderbosh threw out two runners trying to steal second base.  But Ayers' smooth road hit a bumpy patch in the top of the 8th when he walked the bases loaded and then walked two runs in.  Although clearly tiring, Ayers got a K and groundball to get within and out of ending the inning. However, Ayers plunked the next batter to re-load the bases and brought the tying run to the plate. Barons turned to reliever, Chavez, for the 4 out save.  Chavez's first pitch induced a groundball to second, ending the A's rally.  With one last chance, the A's got the lead off man on in the top of the 9th, but that's all they got as Chavez induced 2 ground balls and a K to secure the Barons win for Ayers.  Chavez earned a save and Brown continued his red hot playoffs going 1-2, HR, 2 Sac Fly's and 4 RBI in the Barons 8 - 4 win.  The Barons advance to the Championship and await the outcome of the Crystal City Federals - Arlington Silver Bullets Series.

The Federals took Game 1 of that Series with a 6 - 3 victory last night.

The Feds jumped out to 1 - 0 lead in the third, then put two more on the board in the fifth when Hernandez’ RBI single added one run.  Then Hernandez stole 2nd and 3rd, and scored when the throw to third skipped into the outfield. The Feds scored three more in the 7th behind a two run single by Warfield.  Egan started for the Federals and went 8 before Hernandez came on to pitch the ninth.  Between them they held the Bullets to two hits and three runs in the Federals’ 6-3 win.

DC Wood News 1
Weather makes for Great baseball
Saturday, October 29
Barons take Series lead

On one of the more beautiful fall ball days in recent memory, the Alexandria A's and Falls Church Barons squared off in game one of their DC Wood Championship semi-final.  The Barons jumped out to a quick 1-0 after Ayers drove in Anninos in the top of the 1st.  But there was no more scoring for the next four innings as Beasley for the A’s and Glaser for the Barons went tit for tat through 5.  In the 5th, the A's finally broke through when Omeir hit a 2 run HR and another walk and triple got another run in.  The A's led 3-1 going into the 7th, and would've escaped with their lead intact but for a dropped throw at first that would have finished an inning ending double play.  A run scored as a result of that error.  Then Brown smacked a double to drive in two more and give the Barons a 4 to 3 lead after 7.  In the bottom of the 8th, the A's rallied again using a walk, stolen base and a double to tie the game.  No damage was done in the 9th, and the crowd got some ‘free baseball’.  In the bottom of the 10th the A's got the first two men on and the 3rd man roped a single to load the bases. But Barons reliever, Ryan, settled down and got two crucial K's to get out of the inning.  Barons 3rd baseman, Brown, saved the game for the Barons as he blocked a bouncing backpick throw with the winning run 90 feet away; Brownie picked it before it could head to the outfield. In the 11th Nanorello led off with a walk and advanced to second on a wild pitch. However, Schragger and Glaser could not punch him in.  Garcia then followed, and after a 3-2 battle, flared a blooper to right, driving in Nanorello, giving the Barons a one run lead, and beginning a two out rally that finally woke the Barons offense.  Two walks and 4 hits, including doubles from Ayers and Brown, drove in 6 more runs.  But the A's did not fold.  In the bottom of the 11th the A’s got the first three men on, and all three eventually scored.  But Ryan once again settled down and K'd 2 of the last 3 batters to end the threat.  Matt Ryan picked up the win and Brown paced the Barons offense going 4-5 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI. 

DC Wood News 1
Weather again just perfect
Friday, October 28
Silver Bullets advance

The start of tonight's rubber match in the Series between the Arlington Silver Bullets and the DC Cardinals at West Potomac HS did not start until 8:30pm, and almost didn't happen.  The field lights refused to ignite until the Cardinals’ Medina, a master electrician, finally got the lights on.  The delayed start effected the outcome in that the time limit shortened the game to 8 innings.  The Cardinals’ starter, Ayala pitched a marvelous game.  Unfortunately he was at a significant disadvantage because only 8 Cardinals showed up for the game, leaving him with but two outfielders.  Ayala is a fly ball pitcher and, particularly in the first two innings, he suffered when routine fly balls flared just outside the reach of either of the only two Cardinal outfielders and turned into doubles or triples.  Exploiting their advantage mercilessly, the Bullets built a 5-0 lead in the first two innings. However, after the first two innings, Ayala adjusted, and held the Bullets to only one additional run before tiring and being relieved by Ramos with one out and two on in the seventh.  Meanwhile, the Bullets’ Mahl was equally marvelous from the mound and held the powerful Cardinal lineup hitless until the fifth, when he, pitching on short rest, also began to tire.  The Cardinals scored two in the fifth and two in the sixth to cut the Bullets’ lead to two runs.  In the seventh, Mahl, clearly struggling, walked the first two batters and it appeared that the Cardinals’ were about to take the lead.  But Mahl found some reserved energy after inducing a fly ball to right, and he got the next two out with a K and a ground ball to second.  In the bottom of the seventh, Ayala, also clearly tiring, returned the favor and walked the first two Bullets before a bunt SAC moved both runners up with only one out.  After Ayala tossed two balls to the next hitter, it was obvious he had exhausted his reserve and Ramos came on with one out, runners at second and third and a 2-0 count on the hitter.  But Ramos was up to the challenge, and induced two ground outs without yielding a run and kept the game within reach.  In the top of the eighth, Mahl, facing the top of the Cardinals order and pitching on fumes, got a quick out when Fisher, leading off, just got under a hanging curve ball and flied out to left.  Mahl then walked Ramos, who raced to third when Dunant singled.  Ramos then scored on Rodriques’ RBI single, which sent Dunant to third.  Now the Cardinals had runners at the corners, only one out, the lead cut to one and Mahl pretty much ‘done’ when dangerous hitter McLoad stepped to the plate.  When he sent a scorching ground ball up the middle, it appeared the Cardinals were going to tie the game and put two more runners at the corners with still but one out.  However, the Bullets’ shortstop snared the ball just before it was about to find some outfield grass, and turned a nifty double play and ended the inning with the Bullets still ahead 6-5.  In part because of the late start, that was the Cardinals’ last chance.  The time limit ran out before the start of the bottom of the eighth. There would be no ninth inning.  The Bullets got a 6-5 win and move on to face the Crystal City Federals Sunday evening at McLean.

The Bullets Mahl got a complete game win.  The Bullets’ Johnson finished 4-4 with 2 triples, an RBI double, and an RBI single. Mahl helped his cause at the plate with an RBI single, 2 BBs, and an HBP.

DC Wood News 1
Tight baseball - game turns on one play
Friday, August 12
Washington Grays take AA Championship!

The Washington Grays took this year's DC Wood AA Summer Championship with a game that just slipped away from the Senators Baseball Club.  Into the 6th inning the teams were tied at one.  Both teams were getting runners on base.  Neither team was having much success in getting any home.  With runners on first and second in the bottom of the sixth, a single up the middle by the Grays gave them hope for a score as the runner from second was waived home.  But that hope died as he was gunned down at the plate.  The runner from first and the hitter, then attempted to move up after the throw to the plate, but the Senator's catcher reacted quickly after making the tag at the plate and he fired a bullet to third.  Maybe the throw was a bit off, maybe the third baseman's reaction was, but that throw careened off of the fielder and ricocheted out-of-play.  The runner coming into third was therefore awarded home, and it was determined that the hitter had already reached second when the throw to third got away so he was awarded both third and home.  That was the ball game.  The Grays scored two meaningless runs in the eighth, but the Senators could not mount any offense over the last three innings, and the game ended with the Gray winning, 5-1.

DC Wood News 1
Wet, hot, humid Championship
Sunday, July 31
Falls Church Barons are AAA Summer Champions!

The weather, again made itself part of the story.  It was hot.  It was humid.  It rained and delayed the game for a bit.  Then it stopped raining, and that allowed a continuation of another of this summer's regular stories - Barons hitting.

A's pitchers were sturdy, recording 11 K's but could not contain the Barons' potent offense, who recorded 16 hits and 13 runs.  The hits started in the first inning when McEnheimer doubled in the leadoff hitter for a 1-0 lead.  Then in the third inning when doubles off the fence by Bolden and Aninos were capped by a 3-run HR by McEnheimer, that would have been the only offense needed to win today.  But the Barons got another run in the fourth and then, in the 6th, after a HBP, the Barons rained 5 consectutive hits that provided 5 more runs.  Once the A's began trailing in the first, they never caught up.  Barons' starter Ryan and reliever Mintz scattered 8 A's hits for only 2 runs, and the Barons supported their pitching with some strong defense, highligted bytwo diving catches in left by Caylor. The A's 2 RBIs were driven in by Lohrman and Simon.  Final score 13-2, Barons who won the series 3-1.  McEnheimer had 4 hits, finishing a triple shy of the cycle for the Barons and Bolden had three hits today.

Congratulations to the Falls Church Barons not just for this year, but for their cumulative excellence!  This is the third DC Wood Title for the Barons, including one AA Championship ('08) and two AAA Championships ('12, '16).  Four players remain from the '08 title (Lord, Nelson, Caylor, Martinez). Harold Schragger, a 10 year DC Wood veteran and former (long suffering) Arlington Senators legend, captures his first title.


2016 Summer AAA Champions

Friday, July 8
First Annual DC Wood/Industrial League All-Star Game

2016 DC Wood All Stars

You cannot say we did not warn you. We predicted this could be the entertainment value of the summer. If you were not there, you missed it!

It is often said that good pitching defeats good hitting, and defense wins games. Like all generalities, those are nonsense. Silly.  Meaningless. And last night they were also irrelevant. The pitching was very good for both the Industrial All-Stars and the DC Wood All-Stars. The fielding for both teams was close to flawless. But it did not matter.  Great hitting is a thrill to watch and both teams put on a show.

In the very first inning, the Industrial All-Stars' Haught sent an offering from the DC Wood All-Stars' starter Fletcher (Navigators) high into the right field sky and over the fence, giving them an immediate 1-0 lead. It was mostly an Industrial All-Stars show at the beginning, interrupted only by a solo shot by DC Wood All-Stars' Turlik (Grays) in the bottom of the second inning that tied the game.  Long time Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver often said his favorite offensive play was the three run homer.  In the top of the third, the Industrial All-Stars' Haught came to bat for the second time, this time with two runners on base, and the result was Weaver’s favorite play.  For Haught, two at bats, two HRs, and the Industrial All-Stars took a 5-1 lead. Only three DC Wood All-Stars came to the plate in the bottom of the third, all in vain. In the top of the fourth, the Industrial All-Stars smacked balls all over the yard and scored 5 more runs to take a 10-1 lead into the bottom of the fourth inning. In the fourth, DC Wood's Torres (Barons) reached on an error, and Polofano (Grays) made them pay knocking him in with a double to the gap. However, the Industrial All-Stars got their nine run lead back quickly by scoring another run in the top of the fifth. 

In the bottom of the fifth the DC Wood All-Stars started their show.  Greeny (Newshounds) and Lord (Barons) both singled and both scored on a Torres triple off the right field fence. Turlik followed with a RBI single that cut the score to 11-6. In the sixth, the Industrial All-Stars scored again to extend their lead back to 12-6. Farias (Barons) then cut the deficit by one with a RBI single, and followed that by scoring from first on a booming double by Chetti (Navigators). In the top of the seventh, the Industrial All-Stars were finally retired in order by McEnhimer (Barons), who needed only 9 pitches. In the bottom of the seventh, DC Wood got two runs when Torres doubled and Turlik followed with his second HR of the night.

Chetti took the ball in the top of the eighth for the DC Wood All-Stars and put down three straight Industrial All-Stars aftering hitting the leadoff batter.  Then in the bottom of the eighth Chetti sent a ball over the left field fence to cut the Industrial All-Stars' lead to 12-10, going into the ninth inning.  The DC Wood All-Star manager, Rafael Martinez (Barons), brought back rubber armed veteran Fletcher, who had started the game, to try and keep the Industrial All-Stars within striking distance for the DC Wood All Stars ninth.  Fletcher walked the first batter on four pitches (probably nerves), but then he got the next three hitters to pop up. 

For the bottom of the ninth, The Industrial All-Stars brought in their closer, hard throwing right hander Dante Montgomery (Clementes). He struck out the first hitter, and looked like he was going to cruise.  The next hitter, Torres, hit a hard shot that skipped past the third baseman for a double.  Turlik then came to the plate as the potential tying run.  After already hitting two home runs, it was not likely Turlik was going to see a strike.  Four pitches later, first base was no longer open.  After Montgomery then got his second strike out and second out of the inning, Culver (Bulls) came up and promptly hit a shot down the left field line that looked likely to tie the game until it was ruled foul.  Culver finally worked a walk to load the bases for McEnhimer.  Four pitches later McEnhimer also walked to cut the Industrial All-Stars' lead to just one with the bases still loaded, but two out. Farias (Barons) then came to bat and soon found himself in a one ball, two strike hole.  But Farias sent the next pitch on a line into right field driving in Turlik from third to tie the game.  Then third base coach Bob Smith (Grays) waved in Culver who, with two out had left on contact.  The throw from right was a bit up the third base line.  Culver's fade away slide eluded the cather's sweeping glove and the DC Wood All Stars had a walk-off win.

DC Wood 13, Industrial League 12

Pictured below are All Star Game Ball winners, left to right, Leno Torres, Jose Farias, Greg Turlik and Matt Chetti


DC Wood News 1
A's open with three wins in first week!
Monday, April 18
Spring/Summer Season is underway with openers and Inter-League play with the Industrial Baseball League

The DC Wood Spring/Summer season opened on April 10 in the freezing cold with the Alexandria A's and The Vipers.  The A's won, 15-0 as The Vipers were plagued by errors early in the game. Lohrman got the win, combining with Garboczi to strike out 13 in the 7-inning 1-hit shutout. Bilock and Garboczi each scored three times for the A's.

On April 13, the A's prevailed against their traditional rival The Senators Baseball Club, 13-6 in a time-shortened 8-inning game that featured 20 strikeouts and 19 walks. The A's offense blew it open in the top of the 4th, scoring 5 runs on 4 walks and 2 errors, but they also put 11 hits into play throughout the game. Miller scored twice and had a multi-hit game, as did Simon and Joseph for the A's. Garboczi pitched 7 strong innings to get the win. The Senators surged in the 8th and final inning to put up 3 runs against the A's relief pitching, but it was too little too late, as Skellchock took the mound with the bases loaded and no outs, and closed it out by retiring 3 consecutive batters.

Finally, yesterday, the A's beat the Industrial Baseball League Clementes, 10-5, with Simon leading the A's offense with 2 hits and 3 RBI.  Garboczi and Rivera also had multi-hit games. Halisky notched 2 RBIs and a stolen base in his first game in an A's uniform since 2014.

 In other action yesterday, the Silver Bullets dropped a close game to the IBL Senators, 4-3. The teams played 4 innings of scoreless baseball before the Senators struck with a 3-run 5th inning. The Bullets rallied twice but fell just short in the end.

Finally, the Durwood Bulls opened with a win over the IBL Fairfax Indians.




DC Wood News 1
Winter held off one last time - beautiful day for baseball
Sunday, November 8
A's sweep, win Fall Ball Championship


The Alexandria A's added to their illustrious history with another Fall Ball Championship victory, as they finished a Series sweep of the Arlington Silver Barons.  Starting with WARBL (since absorbed by DC Wood), the A's have now won 20 Championships, including Spring/Summer, Fall and Tournament Championships.  This was no walk in the park for the A's, who were not the first seed.  That was their opponents in this Championship Series, the Silver Barons, who had the best record in the regular Fall Ball season.

Garboczi started on the mound for the A's against the Silver Barons, and he went the distance, but the highlight of this game, the play that seemed to make the outcome inevitable, was a triple play in the sixth.  With two on and no outs, a sharp line drive heading for left field found Kassman's glove at short, and quick throws to second and first led to an immediate end to the inning and the beginning of the end for the Silver Barons. Final score was 12-6.

DC Wood News 1
Fantastic All Star game
Friday, August 28
All Star Game is GREAT GAME

DC Wood may have to follow the lead of British and European Soccer Leagues and move some teams around.  The All Star game between the AAA Division and the AA Divison was won by the AA Divison 12-9, in a very close game.  The teams were tied at 8 after 8.  This was a game that looked like a developing blow-out when the AAA team put up 4 in the first inning.  But the AA team hung in and finally won going away.  Congratulations to the AA All Stars!

DC Wood News 1
One down, One to go!
Sunday, August 2
The Silver Bullets win first Championship / AA Division still being contested

It was both huge and anti-climactic.  The Arlington Silver Bullets won their first ever DC Wood Championship, sweeping the Northern Virginia Knights in three games, including a decisive 18-3 win today to take the DC Wood AAA Summer Championship.  It was a bit anti-climactic in that the Knights did not field a full squad.  With only eight guys in the field, Bullets well placed hits fell too often and made the last game in little doubt.

The AA Championship did not end today. The Senators Baseball Club extended the AA Division Championship Series with a win this afternoon 7-4 in a well played game by both teams.  Edsel started  for the Senators and pitched an excellent game going 5and 2/3 innings. He allowed 2 earned runs on only three hits and had 7 strikeouts.  Ittenbach came out of the pen and pitched  a strong 3and 1/3 innings, giving up 2 hits and striking out 4.  He got the last 10 outs while facing only 12 men.  Quinlan led the Senators’ attack with 4 hits 2 stolen bases 2 runs scored and 2 runs batted In.  Kassman added 2 hits and 3 runs scored.  His triple in the seventh gave the Senators the 3 run cushion they ended with.  Ittenbach  had 2 hits and 2 RBI, and Wallace had 2 hits. 

DC Wood News 1
A beautiful evening for baseball
Saturday, August 8
Washington Grays are AA Champions

The Washington Grays came up big in the clutch this time.  After stumbling in the Championship final last year, they went wire to wire this year.  Denenberg started on the mound for the Grays.  He also finished, although the Senators Baseball Club did not go easy.  The Grays came out smoking and took a 'forfeit' lead (9-0).  But when Denenberg appeared to tire in the middle innings, the Senators attacked, loading the bases in the fifth and the sixth.  But some fine defense limited the result to two runs, until Castle smacked a three run homer to lower the Gray's lead to 4 runs.  But, except for giving up another run scoring double to Castle, Denenberg drew on some energy reserves and finished as strong as he started.  The Grays offense went back to work in the seventh and eighth with three more runs and after a 1, 2, 3 ninth Denenberg and the Grays had a 12-6 win and the DC Wood AA Championship.

DC Wood News 1
Beautiful weather for Fall Ball
Sunday, November 9
Congratulations to the Alexandria A's the 2014 Fall Ball Champions

The Alexandria A's defeated the Lost Dog Cafe Silver Bullets today, 7-2 to win the DC Wood Fall Ball Championship.  Beasley started for the A's and battled throughout the game.  The Bullets seemed to have baserunners and threatened to score in almost every inning, but Beasley kept putting out fires for seven innings.  Fletcher came on and pitched the eighth and ninth to close it out.

DC Wood News 1
Rain holds off
Thursday, November 6
Another great Championship game

It truly was a game of inches.  The Alexandria A's beat the Lost Dog Cafe Silver Bullets to take a big lead in the Championship Series, but the game turned on the closest possible margin.  Both starting pitchers went the distance, Mahl for the Bullets and Fletcher, who earned the win, for the A's.  Both pitched well.  The Bullets scored their lone run in the third inning on an RBI double by Pall.  The A's came right back in the fourth to score on a bases loaded walk to Kassman, who got the two RBI that mattered this night.  The score remained 1-1 until there were 2 outs in the top of the eighth inning.  Joseph, whose walk off hit won the first game of this series, kept the A's eighth alive with a two-strike basehit that put runners on second and third.  That brought up Kassman.  Mahl induced a slow grounder to third, that was fielded cleanly followed by an accurate throw to first that came within a whisker of ending the threat.  However, Kassman, running hard, beat the ball to first by a millisecond, and got his second RBI and the lead for the A's. The A's immediately added one more run on a RBI bouncer by Mansfield into the hole between short and third that made it 3-1.  When the Bullets could not score in the ninth, that score became final.

Fletcher gave up only 4 hits while recording 8 K's.  On offense, the A's Kassman went 3-4, with 2 walks, 2 RBI and 2 stolen bases.  Wannen was 3-4, with a double and a run scored.  Mansfield was 2-5, with a RBI and and a stolen base, and Dozier was 2-4, with a walk.

 The Series continues with a game at 9:30am this Saturday at Frank Mann.

DC Wood News 1
Saturday, August 2
BBQ is Summer AAA Champion

Today's AAA Championship game, like every game of this Series, was shaping up for a ninth inning of intensity.  Every game but one of this Series was fought by two teams with no quit.  Every game included late inning comebacks.  Every game but one ended with the winner ahead by only one run, and the one that was not a one run game ended with the losing team having the bases loaded and the potential winning run at the plate in the ninth inning.  Given the Series and this game, everyone at the field anticipated similar action as the BBQ took the field in the top of the ninth to try to hold onto a one run lead.

The Alexandria A's had broken on top in the first inning when A's manager Barkett drove a two out, two strike line drive into left field to knock in the A's lead off batter whom the Tenleytown Barbequers' starter Dahlberg had walked to start the game.  The A's added to that lead the very next inning, when Bilock also stroked a two strike two out RBI hit.  But Dahlberg held the A's to but one more run before retiring the mound to Stuart in relief.  Meanwhile, the A's ace Lohrman battled, occasionally let down by his defense.  By the seventh inning the BBQ had scored 6 runs and had a comfortable 6-3 lead.  It got less comfortable in the eighth.  The A's scored two in the top of the eighth to bring the game within one.  Lohrman, still on the mound, blanked the BBQ in the bottom of the eighth to give the A's their comeback opportunity.  Stuart was looking good for the BBQ, however, getting the first batter on a K, and then two strikes on Barkett.  But Barkett gave the A's a life with another hit, and the A's brought the potential lead run to the plate with only one out.  Then it was over.  On the first pitch then next hitter send a scorching sinking liner to the right side that was scooped up by the BBQ second baseman who immediately flipped the ball to first to double the runner desparately trying to get back.  Did the second baseman catch it cleanly or trap it?  Was the runner diving back to first safe or out?  The plays were very close and the ending was abrupt.  But the plays were made and the Tenleytown Barbequers had fought for and earned the DC Wood AAA Championship with a 6-5 win.

In contrast, the AA Championship seems destined to go on forever.  There have been no close game wins.  Both the Senators Baseball Club and the Washington Grays have each dominated for one win.  The Grays took Friday's game 10-0.  But there have been two close games.  Those ended in ties.  So in this 5 game Series, the teams have played 4 games and the Series is knotted, 1-1.  Very strange.  It continues at noon at MLK tomorrow.

DC Wood News 1
Play-Off baseball in gorgeous weather
Thursday, August 7
Senators Baseball Club wins AA Championship

Finally, a close game.  The evenly matched Washington Grays and Senators Baseball Club took turns clubbing one another through six games of a their five game series.  There were two ties, but no close games.  Tonight, in their seventh game,  with the Series knotted at two games apiece, a game finally stayed close.  For the Grays, Quinn was almost unhittable.  For the Senators, Matias matched him.  There was only one real scoring opportunity during the first eight innings.  In the fifth the Grays got a man on second with one out and the next hitter sent a smash back through the box that looked like an RBI single on its way.  But it hit Matias on the ankle and ricocheted directly the first baseman for an easy put out.  Matias was able to continue, and his stuff did not suffer as the next batter was also retired to end the only real threat the Grays developed.  The Senators mounted no real threat to Quinn for eight innings, but by the top of the ninth, he was tiring just a bit.  Desperate to get a baserunner, the first Senators' batter in the ninth leaned into an inside pitch and got hit, but to no avail.  The umpire quickly ruled the batter sought the contact and did not award the base.  However, he then worked a walk.  The next hitter laid down what was clearly a SAC bunt attempt, but the bunt was so well placed that he got himself an infield hit.  Then a ground ball to third blew up the game.  A high throw to first went out of play and the Senators had the first run of the game, and runners at second and third.  The next hitter sent a ground ball to short that was so soft that, even with the infield in the shortstop had no play at the plate.  The hitter was put out at first, but he had himself an RBI for the second Senators run.  The next two hitters were retired, but the Senators had a two run lead going into the bottom of the ninth.  Matias returned to the mound and got two quick outs.  Then a base hit created just a bit of tension, but when the next hitter was easily retired, the Senators were the AA Champions with a 2-0 victory.

DC Wood News 2
Alcohol Policy - Message from the League President

Beer and baseball have been linked probably since the invention of the game. In every professional baseball stadium the Anheuser-Busch sign is the largest advertising sign in the stadium. Having a beer after a game is a time honored tradition - very close to an inalienable right! BUT, at every Location where we play, ALL alcohol is banned. No alcohol is allowed on the premises, including parking lots, at any time. It is actually a criminal offense.

In addition, if anyone in our League is ever caught on any of our Locations with alcohol at any time, there is a very real risk that all of us would lose the right to play ball at that or any other Location in the same jurisdiction. Therefore, time-honored tradition or not, we cannot tolerate any alcohol being brought onto the premises of any Location where we play. It cannot be there, whether opened or unopened, imbibed there or merely being held for later. No exceptions. Not in your hand. Not in your cooler. Not in your vehicle. No exceptions.

So - if you are caught with alcohol in your possession, and 'possession' will be very loosely defined, at any of our Locations at any time, you WILL BE SUSPENDED. If there is another offense, the penalty will increase, and will include a fine, a longer suspension or even banishment from the League. Fail to adhere to this policy at your peril.

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Rain, snow, sleet, etc.
BAD WEATHER POLICY - Montgomery, PG County and Frank Mann Rain-out numbers

There is a Weather update phone number for Fairfax County fields, but it is so infrequently updated that we are not publishing it here - no point. For Fairfax County, unless there is a general closing of ALL fields, the League and individual managers must make all decisions as to whether or not a game is to be cancelled.

This is NOT true with regard to Montgomery County and Prince George's County Regional Park fields. At those fields, the field supervisors make the decisions and update the 'rain-out' numbers as appropriate. We will monitor those numbers and put up cancellations, but managers and coaches should feel free to check them also. Frank Mann Field in Alexandria has a Rain-Out number which we are publishing here, but it is only marginally reliable. If it says game is cancelled, you may believe it, but a rain out decision can sometimes get pretty old before the 'Rain Out' line is updated.

FOR PLAYERS - no matter where you are scheduled, unless you see a cancellation notice on THIS WEBSITE, or one of the numbers below says a field is cancelled, you MUST GO TO YOUR GAME SITE AT GAME TIME, no matter how bad the weather is where you live, work or otherwise start out. We have had games played on fields where there was rain, sleet or snow a few blocks away, but nothing at THAT field.

Here are the rain-out numbers:

LF Cosca #2 and #4 (Prince George's)            301-927-0822
Montgomery County (all fields)                        301-765-8787
Frank Mann Memorial Field                            703-746-5597 

Wednesday, July 22
DRESSING FIELDS - After games and before games if field is wet from recent rain

ALWAYS care for our fields!

Fields in Maryland are dressed for us, both before and after games, so nothing is required there except to police the area for trash.  We DO NOT leave any trash in any dugout, even if it was there when you got there.

For fields in Fairfax, DC, Alexandria, and Arlington, we must dress the field after every game.  Our goal is to leave every field in BETTER shape than we find it.  To that end, all teams MUST have at least one team field rake so that for every Fairfax, DC, Alexandria or Arlington game there are at least two rakes available if none can be found at the field.

After games we fill in all holes at home, on the mound, and at any bases.  We also rake the infield dirt to leave it in good playing shape for the next use.  If there are tarps, we put them down - ALL of them. 

If at game time there has been rain earlier in the day, we adhere to the following:

1.  If at game time there is standing water anywhere, that field is too wet to take play.

2.  If when walking on the field, you leave a footprint impression either in the grass or the dirt, that field is too wet to take play.

3.  If you get out early (at least two hours) and the field is wet but you feel there is time for the field to dry with some work before game time, you can rake as needed in the dirt sections, but NO DIRTY WATER IS TO BE TAKEN FROM BASEPATHS - especially no dirty water is to be raked into the grass.  Dirty water dries into mud, which then kills the grass!  Water can be raked in such a way as to more evenly spread it out in the dirt so it will dry faster, but never take any mud off the field.

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