Connecticut State Little League: Welcome

Saturday, July 14
Welcome to the Connecticut State Little League Baseball and Softball website!

Schedules are up for 2018 state level tourneys. 

We are following the Senior Baseball division state championship.  We have an IF game going on right now in Bristol. Please check the left hand navigator for results.

We're following the 8-10 Baseball and Softball Sectionals as well as 9-11 Baseball and Softball State. 

Trumbull (D2) wins the state 50/70 Intermediate Championship.  Good luck at the regional! 

We're following JL Softball State and 9-11 State Softball tourneys. 

LL Softball has crowned its sectional champions.  We're ready for the final 4 which will begin on Thursday (7/12) in D8 (Windsor).  Note:  All games are now at Welch Park in Windsor!

New rules have been posted for State tournament play in 2018 under the Handouts section. Please read and thoroughly understand before heading to a state level game (ie. all games beyond District level play).  Note:  Most of the Districts follow these rules as well, so it's a good idea to get familiar with them now.  

2018 District and State winners are found in the grid below. We'll also add any championships obtained beyond state level.