CHANDLER GIRLS SOFTBALL: Fields Improvement Survey


Important Please read the below note and complete the survey.

We need your voice!!!!


Dear Chandler Girl’s Softball Family,


The City of Chandler has started it’s budget process and encourages residents to provide their thoughts about community and its future. We have until end of December to have our Softball families voices heard, by filling out the City of Chandler survey either online, or obtain paper copies at various City facilities, or download one. This is the time to speak up about our continued improvement needs at Folley Field, and most importantly our long term goal for a “Youth Only Softball Complex” at Tumbleweed Park. The survey starts with six general questions. Once the six mandatory questions are answered, click box three “Leisure/Culture/Education,” and any other boxes of your personal interest. (The remaining questions on survey are divided into areas of interest.) Once indicating box 3, Leisure/Culture/Education, Clicking “Next” will take you to the important focus of “Leisure/Culture/Education.” Once into that section, important is clicking box at fourth section “Implement additional amenities to Tumbleweed Park.” Then please importantly write in narrative for feedback relating to our softball needs. Suggested narratives, requests for our league:


1. Important! “At Tumbleweed Park, build a regulation, Youth Only, 4 to 8 field Softball Complex for CGSL.”

2. Please Continue softball field improvements at Folley Park, until budget allows for a proper facility to be built for Youth Only Softball:

3. A) Install new and additional shade material for sides and tops of dugouts on North, South and East fields at Folley Park.

4. B) Improve all Folley Park fast pitch pitching mounds and batter boxes, with new proper mound and batter box clay mixture and maintain proper compaction.

5. C) Add more dugout bench seating at Folley Park on North and South fields. And install permanent bat racks to hold minimum of 12 bats.

6. D) Continue to maintain level infields as need, by using alternating drag patterns and laser level fields as needed. And maintain safe playing grass outfield. Repair and maintain fenced fields.

7. E) Provide dog stations with bags and post fine warnings at Folley Park. Owners allowing dogs onto softball fields and not picking up after them.

• Please ask family, friends, neighbors to support us by going online to City of Chandler survey at Please help us have our voices heard, complete survey now, pass on message to everyone. Each adult household member can provide input. Don’t wait for deadline of end of December to complete. We need your support now, for our voices to be heard. Thank you Chandler Girls Softball League