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For people who are new to Baseball, here are the basic rules.

The Batter
How do you determine a fair ball from a foul ball? - Rule 2.00
What is a foul tip and how should it be treated? - Rule 2.00
What defines a Check Swing? - Rule 2.00 Strike
When should a batter be called out of order? - Rule 6.07
What happens when a batter-runner overruns first base on a walk or hit?
What happens if a pitch is dropped by the catcher on the third strike?
When is a batter allowed to switch boxes?
What happens if a batter throws the bat during or after a swing?
What happens if a batter hits a pitch without swinging?

The Pitcher
What happens if a pitch hits the ground before crossing the plate?
How do you treat trips to the mound by the manager?
When is a pitcher allowed to take signs from the rubber?
Are pitchers allowed to wear a batting glove under their glove?
Do the innings per week of 12 yr old pitching have to total 12 for all pitchers added together?
What is a balk and what are the rules regarding legal pitching motions?
More on balks and pitching - simplified

The Runner
Can teammates or coaches touch a base runner after a home run?
What is a force play and how does the third out affect scoring?
Is a runner out if he is hit by a batted ball?
What is considered a legal tag of the base by a fielder?
Can runners advance on an infield fly?
When must a runner slide to take a base?
More on sliding and collisions
At what time can the catcher block the plate?
What is considered interferece?

What is an appeal and what is the proper procedure for making an appeal?
When can an umpire be called for interference?
Must the first baseman always have his feet in fair territory?
How to you protest and what is protestable?
What are the differences between regular season rules and the tournament rules?
When does the game officially end?
When do you signal if a fielder misses a tag or a runner misses the base?
What are the official dimensions and size of the bat?
What are the official dimensions and size of the playing field?

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