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Category: Catching
Type: Program


1) Three ball.
Place one ball near the first base line, one up the middle, and one near the third base line. Catcher will assume their stance. Coach will stand behind and call out which ball to field. Catcher will attack the ball, field it, and make a strong and accurate throw to a base.

2) Over the shoulder toss.
Catcher will assume their stance. Coach will stand behind the catcher with a ball. The coach will toss the ball over the catchers shoulder. The catcher will field it and throw to a base. A variation can used by telling the catcher that the runner has great speed and they must hurry. Also, the coach can throw it far enough that a throw to first would be late. The catcher will execute a full arm fake and throw out the lead runner who may have drifted off a base.

Submitted by: Jason Vittone

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