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Q: We have an umpiring crew that seems to forget its responsibilities. Quite often, they'll call a play in favor of the team that's behind or for the player who never makes a play but finally nearly makes one (but not quite). What do you do?

A: Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. Hopefully, your league officials are paying attention because balancing the score or outcomes is not the umpires duty. Serious umpires will agree. When I coached a team thatwas still coming along, we were the "beneficiaries" of some of these calls andI asked the umpire not to call them that way because it confuses the players. Not only that, there are normally two players at the center of these plays. When you award an unearned call to one player, you deny an earned call to the other player. I can not think of the scenario where this is justified. When it comes to evening things out in a lopsided game, that's the responsibility of the coaches.
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