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Q: I need to learn some fun drills for my players to get them interested in the game.

A: Drills can be fun, but that's not their purpose. They're designed to focus on a particular skill in a manner that results in a lot of repetitions in a relatively short period of time. Just as a weight lifter will focus on particular muscle groups in his training, our drills focus on detailed aspects of fielding grounders, or applying the tag, or turning to throw. Let's make sure we give these kids credit; they're capable of learning a lot. They will tend to do better than you or their parents think they can if YOU believe in them and help them develop the skills. To keep them interested in the game, I'd recommend you talk to them before practices and games about the day's goals, and after practices and games about overall team goals and relate them to "the big picture" in a way that gets them excited about where they're headed in baseball. Bring in baseball cards and tie in the day's lesson with a real life player's story to help make the point. You might be surprisedhow many people in your community have some pro or college experience that canbe helpful to you too.
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