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Welcome to The Art of Catching by Jason Vittone, the Head Baseball Coach of Brescia University. Jason has put together this clinic to give catchers of all ages a place to hone their skills.

The Art Of Catching
One of the most important positions on the baseball field is the catcher. A catcher needs to be the team leader. The role of a catcher is to be able to anticipate all situations before they occur and react appropriately. Catching is a very cerebral position. All beginning catchers should be made aware of the responsibilities that go along with the position. The final piece of a championship puzzle could depend on how solid the team is behind the plate.

The objective of this clinic is to take a beginning or experienced catcher through all the steps necessary in becoming a proficient, well rounded catcher. This step-by-step approach will leave no stone unturned. It is my hope that this will provide a complete teaching base for catchers of all ages.

The Role of a Catcher
Giving Signs - Drills
Setting Up for Pitches
Framing - Drills
Blocking - Drills
Throwing Footwork - Drills
Fielding Bunts - Drills
Plays at the Plate

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