Abington Gators: Welcome

Wednesday, November 20



Questions--Please send an email to abingtongators@aol.com  (Please note this is the new email address as of 12/5/13)

First Meet--12/7/13 (Saturday) at Danville-Boys on deck at Noon and Girls on deck by 2:30 --Directions-check nepagsl.com---please allow yourself at least 90 minutes travel time from Clarks Summit. ** Bring 2 towels, Water, healthy snacks, caps and goggles--wear your official swimsuit!!!!

Directions can be found at:   http://nepagsl.com/directions.php  


 Swim Meet Expectations:


Boy swimmers are to be on deck by 12 noon


Girls are to be on deck by 2:30 p.m.


GIVE YOURSELF EXTRA TIME!  Boy swimmers not on deck by 12:20 and Girl swimmers not on deck by 2:50 will be scratched from the meet.


·        It is expected every swimmer will attend ALL meets.  Should your swimmer need to miss a meet, you MUST notify the coaches by Thursday of meet week via email or the check in table!  DO NOT go on deck to inform coaches!


·       All NO SHOW swimmers will NOT be allowed to compete in the following scheduled meet. 

·       Swimmers are to wear their team suit and cap!

·        The coaches will place each swimmer in 3 events for each meet.  The only meet were the swimmer will pick their events is at the Championship meet at the end of the season.

·        All swimmers are to remain on deck until the end of meet.  Swimmers are expected to stay and cheer on their teammates!  Boys may leave at end of boys meet.

·        Parents may not come down on deck.  There will be a deck parent to make sure your swimmer gets to the block for each of their events.

·       Gator coaches and deck parents will NOT have extra goggles or caps to borrow.  Swimmers must be prepared!

·        Fins will NOT be worn for meets and should be left at home! 


Directions to Danville Area Community Center Pool