WORKS Little League: Rules: Major Division Rules

Major Division Rules

  Major Division Rules

The following rules supersede the official little league rules for in-house play only.

1)    Infield Fly rule is in effect!

2)    There is no limit on the amount of kids a pitcher is allowed to hit. However, use good judgment. If a pitcher is hitting too many players, get him out for the safety of all.

3)    Each inning consult with opposing coach on number of pitches thrown. When the count is getting close to the limit, notify umpire as well as other coach.

Pitcher mound is 46 feet.

5)    Pitcher’s entering a game his/her team is on defense on the field, that pitcher will be given 7 pitches as warms ups. That pitcher will be given 5 warm-up pitches every other inning.

Managers, when exchanging line-up with opposing team, you are to give him the names of the pitcher(s) and pitches thrown from your last game.

Any disputes with umpire’s rules are to be handled by the manager only! Managers are to request time out from umpire and speak with umpire in regard to his decision. If umpire tells you “No” then you cannot enter field to talk! Once umpire tells you to leave, you leave and get on with game. No rehashing calls!!

Any of theses rules that are in conflict with official Williamsport rules will supersede Williamsport for in house play only.

Mangers are to meet with Umpire prior to game to go over ground rules.

In order to start a game, a team must have 8 players. In the event there are less the umpire will give 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes the team is still short, the umpire will forfeit the game. At that point the opposing coach will lend that team players to fill his team and the game will be played with the results not being officials.
** A Player (in uniform) from the division (Minors) may be used to fill the spot(s) in order to avoid a forfeit.

Managers are to call in (email) all scores to Webmaster ASAP.
Any incidents, forfeits, suspensions of players, coaches, and serious injuries are to be passed on to the league.

75 Pitch limit. See page 42 of Rule Book.

All protest are $ 50.00 non-refundable fee must be paid and protest done within 24 hours of game.