Twin Hills Little League: TH Rules and Regulations

2010 Little League Rule Changes

The exact wording of the Rules and Regulations noted will be provided in the coming weeks. It is expected that rule books will be available soon as well.

(Note: Unless noted otherwise, these changes apply to all divisions) 


Regulation I (c) 8 - Note 1: Added a sentence stating that if a league elects to operate a Tee Ball baseball program only, it must use the league age determination date that is noted in the regulation. (Baseball only.) 

Regulation IV (a) - Junior League: Added language making it clear that when a 12-year-old player is found to be ineligible under this regulation, that player and/or his/her team are subject to removal from the International Tournament by action of the Tournament Committee.

Regulation VI - Note 4: Added language making it clear that a resumed game or contest decided by forfeit does not constitute a "game" for the purpose of this regulation, unless one completed inning was played before the game ended or the game was forfeited.

Regulation XIV (e): Added language making it clear that alcohol is prohibited at the game site.


Rule 1.10: Added language making it clear that any bat that has been altered must be removed from play.