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Teaching the Game: Baseball's "Cardinal Rights"!
Your team's success depends on your ability to "educate and motivate"! Every successful coach is a great "teacher of the game". Here are key teaching "points" that are actually the "Cardinal Rights or the DO's" of pitchers, hitters and baserunners. Every player must know these by heart!

"Cardinal "DO's" of a Pitcher" - Pitchers should always:
1. Work ahead in the count! Hit your "spots". Make the hitter swing the bat.
2. Get the "lead-off" out! Never walk a "lead-off hitter".
3. Remember - "You do not allow 0-2 hits".
4. Remember - "You do not allow "2-Out" walks.
5. Remember - Make something happen "Early in the Count". You never go 3-Ball count on any hitter.
6. Remember - You should never allow Back-to- back walks.

"Cardinal DO's of a Hitter" - Hitters Should Always:
1. Get the Sign.
2. Get the "Bunt Down".
3. Swing at anything close when you have 2 strikes. Never take a "Third Called Strike". If it's close enough to call a "Strike", it is close enough to hit!
4. Remember that you are to never "Look Back" at the umpire after a called strike!
5. Remember to never chase a "Bad Pitch" on a 3- 0 (green light), or a 3-1 count.

"Cardinal DO's of a Basebrunner" - Baserunners should always:
1. Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! .
2. Get the sign.
3. Pick up the 3rd base coach half way to second on a hit ball.
4. Anticipate the "dirt ball". Make something happen! The 3rd base Coach's job is to stop you. It's your job to "Start Yourself"! Never run through a stop sign!
5. Execute the proper slide. Slide away from the defender.
6. Get a proper lead! Use a two-out lead at 2nd with 2 outs. Take your 3rd base lead in foul territory.

These are just a few of the "Do's" of the game. I am sure that you know others.

Baseballs most FAQS

We have officially finished our first spring season week and all teams are doing fairly well and Our goal still to instill in our children the concept of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team spirit and respect for authority so that they may become good citizens who contribute to improving our society. Just something for you to think about when your pitching your ace pitcher or running up the score on a team that is not doing to well. Winning is always great, but is it worth the feelings of the opposing players. By all means don’t give up a win…. Just think on how you want to get the win….fair or unfair….. When making All Star Manager selections I will be looking on good sportsmanship and other qualities in a Manager and Coache, however sportsmanship will be number ONE….. thank you all to a GREAT start.