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Revolution Express Track Club: Latest RETC Update  


Latest RETC Update Latest RETC Update
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Last updated
02-19-19 10:16 PM
Roseville Local Weather
Revolution Express Track Club
Roosevelt Kent, Jr.
Roseville, California
Sunday, December 17
Latest RETC Update

Welcome back!  It's about time to begin our 2018 track and field season. 

Exciting developments for the 2018 season.

  1. RETC moves from USATF to AAU
  2. AAU offers single year age groups for 7-13 year olds
  3. More meets closer to home
  4. RETC is a 501(c)3 non-profit this year!
  5. Our Race Walk coach has moved back to the area and returns to coaching staff
RETC also continues to offer a strong coaching staff for each discipline in youth track & field. 
Want to join our coaching staff or help in other ways ... contact Maura K @ (916) 412-7288 and we'll get you plugged in.  Anyone who is directly engaged with our youth athletes must pass a background scan.  
All potential RETC youth team members are strongly encouraged to attend the Run, Jump, Throw camp.  Why?  Nothing more irritating as a parental unit than to pay for an entire season for a sport your child realizes they do not like after the first couple of practices.  The RJT camp offers a low cost way to 'try out' the sport of track and field without committing to a season of expenses.
Why does youth track & field seem expensive?  Many local club sports have a large number of athletes thus allowing expenses to be spread across more headcount.  RETC prefers to keep our club smaller to ensure more 1:1 coaching for the youth athlete.  All costs to run the club are pushed straight through with no upcharge.  Our coaching staff aren't paid ... they are here to help your youth athlete excel ... without expectation of a monthly salary.
RETC is a developmental and competitive team.  What does that mean?  We don't hold tryouts to make the team.  Everyone who wants to can join the team.  We are a recognized sport!  We are not a place to train for another team.  As a member of RETC all athletes are expected to arrive on time to practices and competitions.  Missing is by exception only.  You wouldn't join a basketball or soccer team and only show up when you felt like it.  We expect the same dedication level for the sport of track & field that you'd give to your other sports teams.
How do competitions work?  We sit together as a team and parents work together to ensure athletes are checked in and returned to the team area.  Track & field offers many different competition venues throughout the day so we have to work together to be successful.  Although a track meet can take all day ... we ask athlete families to commit to staying through 2 pm and then if your child is done you can leave.  Why stay?  Some families will arrive early and cheer your child but their child won't compete till later in the morning or afternoon.  Your child may finish all their events early and benefited from the cheering and support of the other family members ... now you honor the other team members by staying to support and cheer for their athlete.  While many events are contested on an individual basis ... we are a team!
We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the RETC family.  We work hard ... but it is a lot of fun. 

Revolution Express Track Club
Revolution Express Track Club
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