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02-12-19 05:46 PM
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Revolution Express Track Club
Roosevelt Kent, Jr.
Roseville, California
eteamz Children's Online Privacy Protection Policy
Everyone under the age of 18 should take a minute to quickly read the information at this link.

USA Track & Field
Home page for the USA Track & Field National Association.

Pacific Association of USA Track and Field
Home page for our local association within USATF.

USATF Junior Olympics Events
High level overview of upcoming USATF JO sponosred events.

National Federation of State High School Associations T&F
The NFHS publishes playing rules that govern virtually all high school competition in the United States. NFHS rules are specifically written for the high school level of participation and are intended to promote and preserve the sound traditions of the sports and the safety of participants.

CIF Sac - Joaquin T&F Rules
Main website to learn the rules effecting high school athletes who compete for both a club and a CIF sanctioned high school (HS). Section 8 of the CIF Constitution covers the ruling for outside competition eligibility. Bylas 511, 500 Series, Page 29-30 provide further detail for this issue.

18 February 2005 - John Williams of CIF provided the following synopsis of club T&F participation vs. HS T&F participation.

1. A club athlete can train with both his school and club team throughout the entire year unless the HS policy clearly states that during the official HS season an athlete cannot compete on another same sport team.
2. A club athlete can compete in a club meet (wearing his club uniform) during the HS season as long as the athlete has not represented his HS team in any league or invitational meets (scrimage meets do not count). A HS policy can superceed this rule if it clearly states that the HS athlete cannot compete in a club meet after the first day of the offical school season.
3. A HS T&F athlete's season begins officially when he competes in his first sanctioned, scored HS meet. This first meet is considered the starting date for the HS athlete's season.

A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an “outside” team, in the same sport, during the student’s high school season of sport (See Bylaw 511). The following exceptions apply: A. If the outside team has half or more of the team members as stated in the National Federation Rules Book for that sport, it shall be considered the same sport. Examples: Three-on-three basketball – outside team competition prohibited; two-on-two volleyball – outside team competition permitted.
E. Bylaw 600 shall not be in effect for those sports conducted outside the state adopted season of sport.
F. Spontaneous Recreational Activity
It is permissible for a high school team member to participate in a spontaneous recreational activity or game in which sides or teams are chosen without regard to players representing any group or organization. Such participation would not cause loss of eligibility. (spontaneous -- no prior planning or notice; an unplanned part of another activity which has a primary focus other than the sport.)
G. Unattached Competition in Individual Sports
(1) An unattached athlete shall not represent any team. Points won by the athlete shall not be credited to any team. An unattached athlete shall not use a uniform which identifies a school or “outside” team. Any violation shall be considered an infraction of Bylaw 600.
(2) Unattached competition is permissible for a student in other than school contest during the season of sport provided the student enters in the individual sports of badminton (singles and doubles), cross country, golf, gymnastics, skiing, swimming (including unattached entry on relays), tennis (singles and doubles), track and field (including unattached entry on relays) and wrestling.
(3) Certification of Unattached Athletes
No official recognition or certification on the part of the CIF member school or personnel of the CIF member school may be given in order that unattached athletes may participate in contests.
(4) Representation in CIF Competition
Unattached competition is not permitted in any CIF competition (See Bylaw 302). Individuals or teams entered in CIF competition must represent a CIF member school. No other form of representation shall be permitted in CIF competition.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot train or compete with a CIF high school team unless you are a member of that school.

Only 9th grade through 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team. Ninth grade students of a junior high school which is located on the same campus and is under the supervision of the same principal as the senior high school may practice with and compete on the high school team. For a multi-school situation, see Bylaw 303.

In Dave Bayliss' subsequent phone conversation with Ron Nocetti, he informed me that if there is an actual report field and it is upheld, then two main things would likely happen: 1) the high school would lose it's eligibility for some amount of time (likely the current season) and 2) the "under age" individual may also face a period of ineligibility upon reaching high school age.

Bylaws 302 and 600.G.4. both speak to unattached competition which is not permitted in CIF competition. Individuals or teams entered in CIF competition must represent a CIF- member school.

A student's grade does not matter in this case as even a 9-12th grader would not be allowed to compete unattached.

Ron Nocetti, CAA; Ed.D.
Senior Director
California Interscholastic Federation
4658 Duckhorn Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 239-4477
Fax: (916) 239-4478

Dye Stat Cal
Provides results for California T&F and cross country events.

NCAA Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse serves three main constituent groups: prospective student-athletes, high school administrators, and NCAA member institutions. Some of the pages accessed from this site require pre-registration or PIN-protected information.   

National Elite Youth Ranking System

Auburn All-Comer Track Series
Provides meet dates, driving directions, and past results for their summer all-comer series.

AAU - Amateur Athletic Union

Venue Sports
An online option to purchase your equipment and athletic clothing.

Sacramento Bee online

Roseville Press Tribune online

CSU Sacramento Athletics

William Jessup University Athletics (Rocklin)

American River College Athletics (Carmichael)

Sacramento City College Athletics

Woodcreek High School, Roseville

Foothill High School, Sacramento

Granite Bay High School Track & Field Team

Rocklin High School

Roseville High School

Buljan Middle School, Roseville

Cavitt Junior High School, Granite Bay

Eich Intermediate School, Roseville

Granite Oaks Middle School, Rocklin

Olympus Junior High School, Granite Bay

Silverado Middle School, Roseville

Will Rogers Junior High School, Carmichael

Revolution Express Track Club
Revolution Express Track Club
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