Jamaica Plain Regan Youth League: Board of directors

JP Regan Youth League Board, 2017

  Jodi Sugerman-Brozan     President
  Joe Lieber   Clerk
  Maria Maffei   Treasurer
  Philip Sugerman   Grants
  Brad Fredericks   Rules Committee Chair
  Kathy Chaurette   Softball Coordinator
  Tom Dehner   Junior Coordinator
  Walter Erwin   Lead Coordinator & Farm Coordinator
  Ayala Bassett   Teeball Coordinator
  Derek Kirkpatrick   Senior Cooordinator
  Colleen Scanlon   Umpire Coordinator, Farm & Junior Divisions 
  Herb Vannasse   Pony and Equipment Coordinator
    Communications Coordinator
  Jackie Delisi   At-Large
  Will Morales   At-Large
  Dan Styklunas   At-Large

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns for any Board members, please send them to mail@reganyouthleague.org or leave a message at 617-983-1563.