Navarino Rangers: Navarino Hardball Challenge

Navarino Hardball Challenge

6th Annual Navarino Hardball Challenge

The 6th Annual Navarino Hardball Challenge field includes:

  • Group 1: Appleton Legends, Bonduel Broncos, Pulaski Reds
  • Group 2: Hofa Park Panthers, Shawano Lobos, Two Rivers Polar Bears
  • Group 3: Navarino Rangers, Osseo Merchants, TBD

We are still looking for another team to join group #3. There will be a wild card for the 4th spot in the semi-finals.

Hope to see you at the park! 

2017 Tournament Schedule

Thursday, May 25

6:30 PM Hofa Park Panthers vs Shawano Lobos (Group 2)

8:30 PM Navarino Rangers vs TBD (Group 3)


Friday, May 26

6:30 PM Appleton Legends vs Bonduel Broncos (Group 1)

8:30 PM Osseo Merchants vs TBD (Group 3)


Saturday, May 27

11:30 AM Two Rivers Polar Bears vs Hofa Park Panthers (Group 2)

1:30 PM Shawano Lobos vs Two Rivers Polar Bears (Group 2)

3:30 PM Bonduel Broncos vs Pulaski Reds (Group 1)

6:00 PM Navarino Rangers vs Osseo Merchants (Group 3)

8:00 PM Pulaski Reds vs Appleton Legends (Group 1)


Sunday, May 28

2:00 PM - SEMI FINAL - Group 1 Winner vs Group 2 Winner

4:00 PM - SEMI FINAL - Group 3 Winner vs Wild Card


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2016 Results

Tournament Champions: Appleton Legends

Tournament MVP: Brady Stolzman 


2015 Results 

Tournament Champions: Hofa Park Panthers

Tournament MVP: Tyler Jacobson

2014 Results

Tournament Champions: Two Rivers Polar Bears

Tournament MVP: Mike Ruzek

2013 Results

Tournament Champions: Shawano Lobos

Tournament MVP: T.J. Arrowood

2012 Results

Tournament Champions: Hofa Park Panthers

Tournament MVP: Tyler Jacobson

Tuesday, April 5
Navarino Hardball Challenge