Las Vegas Rage-Andy: 2011 History

Saturday, January 12
2011 eNVy at a Glance


2011 Fall Tourney results. 8 tournaments. 42 games played, 31 wins, 8 losses, 3 ties. 3 CHAMPIONSHIP Wins with a record of 17-0. Also knocked out in semifinals in 2 other tourneys. Way to represent eNVy on the field and in school with the outstanding grades. We are proud of you!!!!

eNVy started the Fall 2011 Season and we are proud of the girls going 5-0 in their first tourney (Summer Send off).

2nd Tourney they went 4-1 in the Southwest Showdown. Knocked out in the semi-finals.

3rd Tourney (Fall Festival Championships) went 7-0. We are very proud of their hard work and dedication. All the girls had some great defensive plays and hit the ball hard. All 5 pitchers did their job on the mound and with defensive support only gave up 9 runs the entire tourney. There were so many outstanding accomplishments this weekend by all players. A few accomplishments from the semi-final game and championship game are:

Semi-final game----eNVy's first ever homerun (2 run shot) OVER the fence by Kiana #22(see photo below) and Majisty #99 pitching the complete game helping eNVy make it to the Championship.

Championship game Sam #12 performed outstanding on the mound having 13 strike outs.

4th Tourney-Desert Fall Championships finished 4-2. All girls did great and had another homerun over the fence and a perfect game from the mound.

5th Tourney in West Covina (TCS Pre-Thanksgiving Cup) finished 2-1-1. Did take first seed in pool play and advanced to the gold bracket. The elimination game was a back and forth battle in the rain and mud. Ended up losing 5-4.

6th Tourney-Winter Classic finished 2-1-2.

7th Tourney-3rd Annual Holiday Classic (USSSA) in Las Vegas. Finished 5-0. Winning the championship gave eNVy a berth to the USSSA World Series for the Summer 2012.

8th Tourney- Charity Challenge (USSSA) in Fountain Valley 12/10--12/11. What a weekend to end 2011. Only 2 losses and both came from Players Edge Black, once in pool play and once in semi-finals. Both games we jumped ahead and the first game was 2-1 in 6 innings. The last game was 2 hours and 15 minutes that ended in international tiebreaker 4-3. The compliments came from some top teams and even traveled back to Vegas quicker than our car ride---calling eNVy a "class act".

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