Florida District 15 Little League: Welcome

It's for the Kids

Florida DISTRICT 15


We encourage ALL of our Leagues to continue to expand their Baseball, Softball and Challenger Programs to make them available to as many of their area's young boys and girls as possible.  After all, isn't that why we're here !!!  

Fred Lorentsen is our District Administrator (DA).

Lou Barbieri is our District Information Officer.

District Meeting

The next District Presidents' Meeting will be on March 18th at the Community Room at Seven Rivers Hospital in Crystal River.  The meeting will start at 2:00.  All Jamboree and Mid-Season Forms are due.  All leagues must be represented at this meeting.


Click on the "Handout" below to view/print the Inter-League Rules and Schedules.  Managers should check back periodically to see if there are any schedule changes or new manager information.
Handout: Inter-League Rules and Schedules

2018 Rule - Regulation Changes

Little League has POSTED their 2018 Rule/Regulation Changes on their Website.  One important change for 2018 is allowing more than eight 12 year olds on a major baseball team and also not having to split your major baseball division if you have more than 10 teams. 

Additional changes were approved at Little League Congress.

Click on the "Handout" below to view/print all of the Changes.

Handout: 2018 Rule - Regulation Changes

Friday, March 2
Manager - Parent Pre-Season Meeting

Each manager should have a Pre-Season Meeting with the Parents/Guardians of all his/her players.  Click on the "Handout" below for some guidance on the things that should be addressed/discussed.
Handout: Manager - Parent Pre-Season Meeting

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 3/18 star District Presidents Meeting 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 7 Rivers Hospital Community Room
Sat 3/24 star Senior Softball Jamboree at South Sumter TBA - Mar 25, 2018 South Sumter Little League
Fri 4/6 star Major BB Mid-Season Tournament TBA - Apr 8, 2018
Fri 4/13 star Minor BB Mid-Season Tournament TBA - Apr 15, 2018