Florida District 15 Little League: Welcome

It's for the Kids

Florida DISTRICT 15


We encourage ALL of our Leagues to continue to expand their Baseball, Softball and Challenger Programs to make them available to as many of their area's young boys and girls as possible.  After all, isn't that why we're here !!!  

Fred Lorentsen is our District Administrator (DA).

Lou Barbieri is our District Information Officer.

District Meeting

The next District Meeting will be the Interleague Scheduling Meetings on February 10th at the Community Room at 7 Rivers Hospital in Crystal River starting at 10:00.  10:00-1:00 Softball, 1: 00-4:00 Baseball. All leagues participating in Interleague Play must to be represented.

2018 Rule - Regulation Changes

Little League has POSTED their 2018 Rule/Regulation Changes on their Website.  One important change for 2018 is allowing more than eight 12 year olds on a major baseball team and also not having to split your major baseball division if you have more than 10 teams.  These changes are for 2018 only due to the 16 month age bracket of 12 year olds in baseball.

Click on the "Handout" below for a Copy of the Changes. 

Handout: 2018 Rule - Regulation Changes

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sat 2/10 star 2 Day Umpire Clinic 9:00 AM - Feb 11, 2018 1:00 PM
Sat 2/10 star Interleaved Scheduling Meetings 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 7 Rivers Hospital Community Room