Indian River Baseball Booster Club: IRBBCCommittee Duties

Friday, March 22
IRBBC Committee Outline and Responsibilities

IRRBC Committees and their responsibilities:


            (Chaired by IRBBC President)

                        Forecast income

                        Compile 1 year and 3 year budgets

                        Maintain Financial Records

                        Provide regular reports to membership

                        Maintain Cash and Bank Accounts


Field Maintenance

(Chaired by At-Large Board Member)

 (Varsity subcommittee and JV subcommittee)

            Assist baseball staff in regular upkeep of facility

            Prepare field for games

            Oversee trash pickup and disposal


Game Operations

(Chaired by: VP's for JV and Varsity ) 

 (Varsity subcommittee and JV subcommittee)

            Man scoreboard

            Provide Public Announcer for games

            Provide National Anthem play

            Turn on lights as necessary

            Post-game field maintenance



            (Chaired by Treasurer) 

            (Varsity subcommittee and JV subcommittee)

                        Facility Maintenance

                        Maintain and monitor inventory

                        Man facility for all games


            Spirit Wear

            (Chaired by Secretary)

                        Compile Selections and costs

                        Select graphics

Select Vendor(s) and coordinate orders

Provide samples for sale at games and other venues

Maintain inventory



            (Chaired by Secretary)

                        Update and maintain web-site

                        Coordinate with coaching staff for any local PR

                        Provide in-season statistics and standings to IRBBC members


            Operational Fund-Raising

            (Co-chaired by VP's for JV and Varsity)

                        Plan direct fund-raising in immediate baseball family

                        Compile budget projections for income and expenses

                        Oversee direct solicits from immediate baseball community

                        Co-ordinate team members’ fund-raising


            Capital Fund-Raising

            (Chaired by President)

                        Review long-term needs of program

                        Set schedule for capital program

                        Structure approaches to large-scale donors

                        Report activity on regular basis





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