East Syracuse-Minoa Little League: Board Members

2016-2017 Board Members

President: Steve Borkowski

VP Baseball: Abner Oveido

VP Softball: Matt Barkley

Player Agent - Baseball: Mike Locke

Player Agent - Softball: VACANT

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: Rob Keyes

Umpire in Chief: Mike Leib

Fundraising Directors: VACANT

Concession Manager: Bob Canorro

Uniform Manager: Kim Bova

Equipment Manager: Mike Gawlikowski

Field Maintenance Manager: Ray Grabowski

Safety Director: Bob Canorro

Website Manager: Jim Powers

Field Coordinator/Scheduler: VACANT

Chicken Wing Cook-off Committee Lead: VACANT

League Job Descriptions

The East Syracuse Minoa Little League is run and managed 100% by volunteers.  Volunteers are critical to the success of our league's operations.  The league has several volunteer positions to fill each year, some elected and others strictly volunteer.  Each position was developed to spread out the responsibilities over several people so as not to create a large burden on any one volunteer.  Even though the terms for each of these positions are only one year, it is important that volunteers commit to stay in these positions for at least two years to build on the momentum of the board's efforts.

League elections are held each year on or about September 30th.  Information on location and times will be posted as elections draw near.  Everyone having a player registered in the league is eligible to vote in these elections.  Everyone's vote is important and the election is your opportunity to ensure the people having the childrens' interests at heart run the league.

The league's executive board consists of the following elected positions.  To see the job description of these positions, simply click on the job title. 

The league's appointed positions are as follows.  To see the job description of these positions, simply click on the job title.

Concession Manager Equipment Manager-Baseball Equipment Manager-Softball
Field Maintenance Manager Safety Director
Uniform Manager
Website Manager Field Coordinator/Scheduler Chicken Wing Cook-off Head
Comedy Club Committee Head End of Season Picnic Head