East Norriton Little League: News: ENLL WEEKLY UPDATE - October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10
ENLL WEEKLY UPDATE - October 10, 2017

ENLL will be holding its Annual Meeting TONIGHT at 8pm, so please consider getting involved. Like all of ENLL’s Board meetings, this meeting is open to all ENLL members. The chief purpose of tonight’s meeting is to elect a Board of Directors for ENLL’s 2017-18 season. ENLL will only continue to improve the experience for its member families and players if new insights and talents are added each year. You can directly impact your family’s ENLL experience by nominating someone – including yourself! – to one of the many roles that need to be filled. Please read below to learn how to do so. (And thanks again to all of you that have already either volunteered for the Board or nominated someone – or both!)
  1. ENLL’s Constitution stipulates that “The President and Vice President must have served on the Board in some capacity in the prior year”, but all other Board positions are open for nominations of new or returning Board members. A description of each current role on the Board is included in the Constitution.
  2. If you can’t attend the meeting TONIGHT at 8pm at Facenda Whitaker, you may request an Absentee Ballot from ENLL Secretary Sean Farrell @ isfpf7@comcast.net. ABSENTEE BALLOTS ARE DUE by 5pm on OCTOBER 10 (TONIGHT!) in order to give Sean ample time to tally the votes before the election.
  3. Each Board member has a vote in confirming coaches who are nominated by the league president. It makes a lot of sense to get involved if this is an important issue to you.
  4. Also worth noting is that several Board positions come with automatic appointments to both the Executive Committee and the All-Star Committee. Please consider carefully who you’d like to see in those roles before you send your nominations to Sean.