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Welcome to the 6A-NRVCA Website! Your home for 6A-North Region Girls and Boys Volleyball! The purpose of this website is to provide schedules and results for our 6A-North Region programs, information on all activities related to youth volleyball (camps/clinics, clubs, education, scholarship, conditioning and nutrition, etc.), as well as serve as a resource for our Region's coaches (clinics and education, job offerings, fundraising, resources, etc.).

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2016-2017 6A-NRVCA Officers

President - Sheena Eldred (Yorktown)

E-mail: sheenaeldred@gmail.com

Vice President - Jack Skym (Westfield) 

E-mail:  jdskym@gmail.com

Treasurer - Trista Barnhart (South County)                                                                                  

E-mail: tmbarnhart@fcps.edu

Thursday, August 11
2015 All-Region Honors

Player of the Year - Kendall Hall (Madison)

Libero of the Year - Emily Sciorra (Chantilly)

Coach of the Year - Aubrey Eaton (Lake Braddock)

1st Team All Region

Caroline Skaff (Battlefield)

Elena Shkylar (Langley)

Jessica Donaldson (Langley)

Ashleigh MMeade (Patriot)

Maddie McArthur (McLean)

Alice Yang (Oakton)

Beth Ghyzel (Westfield)

2nd Team All Region

Brittany Padgett (West Springfield)

Natale Zanellato (Madison)

Vela McBride (South Lakes)

Brook Birch (South County)

Julio Recto (Chantilly)

Taylor Wulf (Lake Braddock)

Emily Heier (Oakton)

Katie Hibner (Lake Braddock)

Skylar Sisk (Battlefield)

Honorable Mention All Region

Alana Harris (Patriot)

Sabrina Lancaster (Osborn Park)

Maria Muzzio (Robinson)

Megan Marin (West Springfield)

Julia Kim (Chantilly)

Melody Caloyannides (South Lakes)

Alexus Foreman (TC Williams)

Autumn Brenner (McLean)

Megan Sanchez (Osborn Park)

Kathryn Weisbrodt (Westfield)

Faith Briden (Lake Braddock)

Chase Cooksey (Herndon)

Paige Krebs (Osborn Park) 

Lea Brady (Osborn Park) 

Gabbi Hall (South County)

Sara Maebius (Langley)

Hailey Olson (West Springfield)

Hope Webb (Patriot)

Thursday, August 11
2015 All-Conference Honors

Concorde Conference 5
1st Team

Libero of the Year – 
Coach of the Year



2nd Team




Honorable Mention



Liberty Conference 6
1st Team
- Kenall Hall (Madison)

Libero of the Year - Sarah Maebius (Langley)

Coach of the Year -  Mike Ware (South Lakes)

Elena Shklyar (Langley)

Maddie McArthur (McLean)

Jessica Donaldson (Langley)

Vela McBride (South Lakes)

Natale Zanellato (Madison)

Autumn Brenner (McLean)

Melody Caloyannides (South Lakes) 

2nd Team

Taris Pittman (Fairfax)

Catherine Vaccaro (Yorktown)

Kristin Stanford (Langley)

Savannah Powers (Fairfax)

Natalie Luu (McLean)

Jayne Carter (Madison)

Emma Mobley (Washington-Lee)

Maddie Blake (Madison) 

Honorable Mention

Allison Franke

Raya Mufti (Fairfax)

Isabel Zavada (Yorktown)

Rachael Osborne (Yorktown)

Leonie Alders

Maddie Stroud

Kristin Algier

Kristina Brownell

Jojo Oakley

Karen Shedlock

Emily Calhoun

Kelsey Smith (Madison) 


Patriot Conference 7

1st Team


Libero of the Year

Coach of the Year -



2nd Team



Honorable Mention


Cedar Run Conference 8

1st Team


Libero of the Year -

Coach of the Year  



2nd Team




Honorable Mention