From baseball leagues to basketball teams, eteamz is the leading sports website and software provider for teams and leagues. Join the millions of sports organizations that use our software tools and create your free website today.

League and team organizers shouldn't have to be a computer whiz to create a sports website. If you know your way around a keyboard and mouse, you can make a team or league website for free in less than an hour. Choose from professionally-designed templates and add your logos, fonts, colors, and more. You'll look like a sports website design genius and your fans, players, and league parents will be impressed every time they visit your site.

  • Pick from professionally-designed sports website templates
  • Make it your own by adding league or team logos
  • Choose colors, borders, and fonts
  • Track the number of website visitors (and display it proudly)
  • Save and preview updates before making it live on the web+
  • Personalize your website and email addresses+
+This feature is available to PLUS members.

Think about how you manage your organization now - you might have a few binders in the office, folders in the car, and the occasional Excel document on the desktop. It can be hard to keep your season calendar organized if done by hand. With sports scheduling tools from eteamz, you can manage dates, times, and locations for games, practices, team meetings, and more. This helps you stay organized and offers a way for your members to view the calendar on your sports website.

  • Create and organize a detailed practice and game calendar
  • Update schedule changes and publish them to your site
  • Build and post tournaments with Tournament Brackets+
  • Print calendars right from your league or team website+
  • Import and export events, practices, games, and more+
+This feature is available to PLUS members.

Communicating with your league, teams, players, and fans has never been easier than with sports software from eteamz. On your league or team website, post news articles, game recaps, and updates – we all know how much players love their press clippings. Or, create organized email lists to send updates to the right people. For urgent group updates, send automated phone messages.

  • Post news articles, game summaries, and fundraising updates
  • Send messages to your team members with email center
  • Send phone messages to your members automatically+
  • Integrate your website with Facebook Administration+
  • Build message boards for teams and leagues+
  • Customize and post an unlimited amount of Surveys & Polls+
  • Highlight new or updated parts of your sports website with icons+
  • Add Pop-Up notifications to easily update site visitors+
+This feature is available to PLUS members.

From day one of registration to the post-season awards ceremony, running a sports team or league can spell a lot of paperwork for organizers, parents, and players. With eteamz, you'll save tons of time by putting roster management, handouts, the season's calendar, and more in one secure place online. After creating your website, everything can be organized and collected automatically.

  • Create & order custom awards, gear, and apparel
  • Upload and manage rosters
  • Manage your season's calendar
  • Receive free & secure sports website hosting
  • Post individual player statistics+
  • Create up to 16 additional website pages on your league website+
  • Offer an unlimited amount of site memberships+
  • Archive last season and create a new one+
  • Offer online registration & fee collection*
+This feature is available to PLUS members.
*This feature is available as an add-on and can be used with
basic and PLUS sites.

Website management doesn't have to be a scary word for sports organization managers anymore. There's nothing to download or learn. Just login to the web-based software and you’ll build and update a free sports website in no time. It's easy for you and offers a great way for your community to keep up with organizations' updates, news, schedules, and more.

  • Use web-based software to build and manage your website
  • Make a functional website without technical knowledge
  • Add unlimited site memberships
  • Utilize safe & secure sports website hosting
  • Manage your sports programs from season to season
  • Choose from 75+ professionally-designed website templates+
  • Build additional web pages to tell your story+
+This feature is available to PLUS members.

League organizers face stacks of paper and hours of data entry with paper-based registration. All of that can go away with online registration and fee collection from eteamz and Active Network, Sports. Simply point people to your website where a registration button will live. From there, your customized registration form is just a click away for people to sign-up whenever is convenient. This saves time for you and makes it easier for players to register for your sports league.

  • Offer online registration & fee collection for your league
  • Add a registration button for parents to click on your sports website
  • Collect all payments and contact information securely
  • View information in real-time with a secure online system
  • Save time managing your program's registration process
  • Make it easier for players and parents to sign-up online
*This feature is available as an add-on and can be used with
basic and PLUS sites. Learn more about Online Registration.

Athletes love gear and team and league organizers love successful fundraisers. For those two things, eteamz has tools to help you raise money and sell gear online. At your online team store, you can sell customized sweatshirts, t-shirts, banners, and more. After that, add an online fundraising page and start collecting donations securely through your sports league and team websites. This is a great way to generate buzz and cash for all of your programs.

  • Sell custom apparel on your website
  • Offer your members up to 85% discounts on over 650 magazines
  • Gain up to 40% profit for your sports programs
  • Give away free movie tickets and cash prizes to your members
  • Collect donations securely online
  • Use the system with no upfront costs, paperwork, or shipping costs
  • Your online store is integrated in to your eteamz website
  • Combine with offline, traditional fundraisers
  • Want a free fundraising guide? Request one here

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eteamz for?
Coaches, league administrators, parents, and anybody else who's responsible for managing a youth or adult sports team, league or group.

What are the system requirements for eteamz?
eteamz is 100% web-based, no software needed. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Is our team info private?
Absolutely! All of your data is 100% private and password-protected. Read our Privacy and Data Collection Policy for more Information.

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Current Partners

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