ZESA (ZAK Elite Soccer Association) is a newly forming soccer association being established to service the Easton/Summerset Area Communities. We are located at THE COLUMBUS CHRISTIAN CENTER, 2600 Cassady Ave. in Columbus.

      The make up of the association is formed from participants in and around the area communities of Easton in all directions. Our 5 year goal of making this soccer association one of the premier association in the Columbus area.

ZAK Camaran, former professional soccer player who has competed at the highest levels of international and domestic arenas, will provide instructions and training for recreational and select team participants. His coaching staff brings the real knowlegde of the game of soccer that most participants would never experience nor could afford to participate through other high level organizations. Zak strives for all that want to have fun playing soccer and the desire to gain more knowledge of the sport, to participate regardless of life's conditions. 

We also have a diverse professional staff that has expertise in a variety areas of business, finance, organization, and education, necessary to develope the infrustructure that is needed to propel this asscociation toward excellence.

      We ask that you frequently visit this website for we are updating regularly. 

Contact:  T.K. Woods  / 614-537-7112 



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Monday, January 16
Registration Begins!


  • Registration begins for ZESA "Spring "  Recreational  Youth Soccer League"  January 16,th.


  • Registration Deadline is March 17th.


  • Practice Days start the week of March 18th and League Play to start Saturday, April 7th. Details are on our Handouts Page.


  • Age Groups: U(3.5 - 5); U(6 - 8); and U(9-11).