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Zero Gravity Juniors
Chuck Musselman
3293 Kingsley Drive
Akron, Ohio

Welcome to Zero Gravity Juniors, a Junior Olympic Volleyball Program.  If you have any questions please contact Chuck Musselman at 330-685-2890.

Tuesday, November 29
2017 Player and Parent Meeting and Open Gym

We will be having a meeting on December 4th to go over paperwork, schedules, collect fees, try on uniforms, etc.  Each meeting should last about 30 minutes, and then each group will have a 90 minute open gym.  If you have not upgraded your try-out membership to a full membership and designated your club as ZERO GRAVITY you need to do so ASAP.  I do not have the ability to register the players with the OVR until the day after this is done by the please do not wait until Sunday to do it.  If you have not done this you will not be allowed to participate at the open gym because of insurance liabilities.  Please enter Door 4 in the back of the building and walk past the gym to get to the cafeteria.


521 West Tuscarawas Street

Canton, Ohio


We will possibly be moving up one or two 14's to the 16's teams.  After watching the 14's at their open gym we will ask some of them to stick around to play with the older players as well.  Please be aware of this going into Sunday. 


Sunday, December 4 (TIMKEN)

4:00-4:30 - 14A and 14R Player/Parent Meeting (Timken Cafeteria)        

4:30-6:00 - 14A and 14R Open Gym     

6:00-6:30 - 18R, 16A, and 16R Player/Parent Meeting (Timken Cafeteria)    

6:30-8:00 - 18R, 16A, and 16R Open Gym 

Tuesday, November 29

Below is the probable practice schedules for the year.  We can adjust teams to a different night if there is a conflict, but the plan is for each team to have their own court for practice twice a week.

Wednesday, January 4 thru each teams OVR Regional Championships (TIMKEN)

6:30-8:00 - COURT 1 - 14R       

6:30-8:00 - COURT 2 - 14A    

8:00-9:30 - COURT 1 - 16A and 18R   

8:00-9:30 - COURT 2 - 14A  


Thursday, January 5 thru each teams OVR Regional Championships (TIMKEN)

6:30-8:00 - COURT 1 - 14R       

6:30-8:00 - COURT 2 - 16R    

8:00-9:30 - COURT 1 - 16A and 18R   

8:00-9:30 - COURT 2 - 16R 


Team Fees (all inclusive)

18R - $850

16A - $800/$850 (depending on final roster)

16R - $750

14A - $750/$800 (depending on final roster)

14R - $750

Friday, December 2
2017 Zero Gravity Tournament Schedules

Below is the tournament schedules to date for our 2017 teams.  Each team will have at least 11 tournament dates, and if there is not at least 11 currently listed more will be added as they are sanctioned by the OVR.  If we do not get into a tournament where we are on a wait list, another tournament will be added to replace it.


18 BLACK* - ($850/player) - 13 dates

1/15     Ohio Nets (18U)

1/22     Eastside (18R)

2/11     Spire (18R Challenge)

2/12     Spire (18R Challenge)

2/19     OhioNets (18R)

2/26     Elite (18R)

3/19     Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (18R) 

3/31     Huntington, WV (18R SpikeFest) 

4/1       Huntington, WV (18R SpikeFest) 

4/2      Huntington, WV (18R SpikeFest)

4/22     Massillon Rec Center (18R Challenge)

4/23     Massillon Rec Center (18R Challenge)

5/7      Columbus (18R Championships)


* - If there is enough interest after teams are formed we will take a team to the National Qualifier in Indy (3/25-27) or Chicago (4/14-16). Additional fees will be charged to cover the tournament entry fee and coaches expenses.  




16 BLACK - ($800/player) - 12 dates

1/29    Kids America (16A)

2/5     OhioNets (16A)

2/25    Urbana (16N Bid Play-In Tournament)

3/4     Salem (16A Challenge)

3/5     Salem (16A Challenge)

3/18    Pinnacle (16A)

4/1     OhioNets (16A Challenge)

4/2     OhioNets (16A Challenge) 

*4/8    Columbus (16N Bid Tournament)

*4/9    Columbus (16N Bid Tournament)

4/15    Massillon Rec Center (16A) 

4/29    Eastside (16A Challenge) 

4/30    Eastside (16A Challenge)  

5/7     Columbus (16A Championships)


* - Only if we qualify at the Bid Play-In Tournament on 2/25 in Urbana.  If we qualify this tournament will add $100/player to the team fees which will be collected on 3/1.




16 RED - ($750/player) - 11 dates

1/28      Elite (16R)

1/29      Kids America (16R)

2/19      Elite (16R)

3/5       Kids America (16R)

3/18      Spire (16R Challenge)

3/19      Spire (16R Challenge)

4/1       Eastlake (16R Challenge) 

4/2       Eastlake (16R Challenge)

4/9       Elite (16R)   

4/23      Spire (16R)   

5/21      Columbus (16R Championships)  




14 BLACK - ($750 or $800/player) - 11 dates (2 waiting list)

1/21      Eastside (14A)

1/28      Kids America (14A)

2/4       Cleveland State (14U)

2/18      OhioNets (14A)

3/12      Spirit (14A)    

3/19      Maverick (14A)

3/25      NOVA (14A)

4/2       Salem (14A) 

4/8           OhioNets (14A Challenge) - wait list    

4/9           OhioNets (14A Challenge) - wait list     

4/30      Columbus (14A Championships)    




14 RED - ($750/player) - 11 dates

1/21     Eastside (14R)

2/4     Massillon Rec Center (14R)

2/19    Spirit (14R)

3/11    Kids America (14R)

3/19    Elite (14R)

3/25    Cleveland State (14R Challenge) 

3/26    Cleveland State (14R Challenge)

4/8     Eastside (14R)  

4/29    Elite (14R Challenge)

4/30    Elite (14R Challenge) 

5/6     Columbus (14R Championships)

Sunday, January 17
Zero Gravity 16 Black Wins Gold at Spire!!

It was a great day at Spire for our 16 Black team.  With only a few practices under their belt and playing in their first tournament together, our young ladies showed what they are capable of with wins over Pittsburgh Point 16-1 (21-25, 25-19, 21-25, 25-11, 20-18), Spire 16-1 (25-23, 25-14, 25-7), Impact Sports Academy 16-1 (25-15, 21-25, 15-9), Pittsburgh Elite Gold (19-25, 25-20, 15-11), and EPIC 16-1 (25-21, 22-25, 16-14) during their championship run.  Team members included Jessie Galford, Paige Strobel, Krista Delatore, Kelly Daugherty, Brooke Laughlin, Lindsay Carr, Molly Triplett, Paige Rossiter, Lexi Buck, and Jillian Hammary.  Congratulations Ladies!!

Gold Champions!!

Sunday, April 10

It was a great day in Elyria today as our young ladies went 5-0 to win the Gold at Spirit's 16U tournament.  16 Black was missing 4 of their normal players, so we pulled up a few kids from our 15's and they didn't miss a beat.  Pool play went smoothly with wins over Lakeshore 16's (25-20, 25-11), Spirit 15's (25-11, 25-19), and Atlantis 16-2 (25-15, 25-20).  In the Gold Semi-finals our ladies came up big against Atlantis 16-1 and advanced to the Gold Finals (25-16, 25-23).  The Gold Finals were a heated battle with Spirit's top team...and our kids were more than ready for the challenge.  After dropping a heated game one (23-25), 16 Black dug deep and took the next two games (26-24, 17-15) for their second Gold Championship of the year.  Team members included Lindsay Carr, Brooke Laughlin, Jessie Galford, Kelly Daugherty, Paige Strobel, Lexi Buck, Olivia Moore, Megan Manson, and Angelyse Trammell.  Congratulations Ladies!!

Gold Champions!!

Monday, April 18

...details to come.

Gold Champions!!

Zero Gravity Juniors
Zero Gravity Juniors
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