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Zero Gravity Juniors
Chuck Musselman
466 Canova Drive
Akron, Ohio

Tuesday, November 5

Welcome to Zero Gravity Juniors, a Junior Olympic Volleyball Program based in Copley, Ohio.  If you have any questions please contact Chuck Musselman at 330-685-2890.

Friday, April 18
Tournament Info for 4/19 at the Massillon Rec Center (18's, 17's, and 16's)

Massillon Rec Center 
505 Erie Street North 
Massillon, OH 44646 

Pool 1 (Saturday, 16 Red)
1. Buckeyefire 
2. Volleyfreak 
3. Zero Gravity 16 Red 
4. Club Extreme

Pool 2 (Saturday, 18 Black)
1. Pioneer 
2. Zero Gravity 18 Black 
3. Quicksilver Blue
4. Varsity Elite 17's 

Pool 3 (Saturday, 17 Black)
1. Spirit 
2. North Central Select 
3. Quicksilver Gray 
4. Zero Gravity 17 Black 

We have all 3 teams entered in the tournament, so if you can't make it please let us know ASAP. 18's and 16's need to be there dressed and ready to play at 8:30am, 17's 9:00am.  A coaches’ meeting will be at 8:30 AM in the front lobby and will take place prior to the start of the tournament. Coaches must attend to verify & sign their roster. The tournament starts promptly at 9:00 A.M. sharp. Please note the doors of the Recreation Center will not be unlocked until 8:00 AM. At Massillon Recreation Center, team camps are only permitted in the upstairs Studio. Please clean your camp site up prior to leaving. No teams will be allowed to camp out in the hallways during the tournament. The use of any ball outside of the gymnasium is not permitted while inside the building. Keep all coolers in cars. Coolers are prohibited in and outside facilities hosting OVR-sanctioned events. Setting up tables and/or cooking by teams or their support staff, fans, coaches, or parents are prohibited at OVR-sanctioned events. A concession may be provided at the tournament site. A variety of restaurants are within 1 mile of the Recreation Center. Area restaurant maps are provided. Seating for spectators will be provided in the gymnasium. Only those teams currently playing in a match are permitted on the gymnasium floor. No personal chairs are permitted in the gymnasium. Good Luck Ladies!!

Monday, April 14
UPDATED 2014 Practice Schedules

All practices unless noted otherwise will be at Copley in the Auxiliary Gym.  Please check here before leaving for practice EVERY WEEK for any changes or updates. The Auxiliary gym at Copley will be open 15 minutes prior to each practice, so all preperation (clothes, shoes, socks, stretching, etc) should be done BEFORE your scheduled practice time (outside the court area if another team has the gym before us).

Starting on 4/16 this will be the schedule every Wednesday and Thursday until Regionals.
7:00-9:00 - All Teams
7:00-9:00 - All Teams

Thursday, April 10
Zero Gravity 16 Black Playing for Gold in Philly!!

Yo, Adrian! We Did It!
view full size
It's been a great weekend so far at the Northeast Qualifier for our 16's.  They will be playing for a National Bid tomorrow morning.  Good Luck Ladies!!

Still Afloat
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Wednesday, April 9
Zero Gravity 16 Black Finishes 2nd At Maverick

16 Black @ Maverick
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Zero Gravity 16 Black had a great day at Maverick on Sunday.  Pool play, which included wins over Ignite, AVC, and Eastside, went smoothly with a 6-0 record.  This earned our young ladies the top seed heading into the Gold Playoffs.  In the quarterfinals and semifinals it was more of the same with straight wins over Toledo Dynamic and Westland to advance to the Gold Finals.  Playing in their 4th straight match our ladies fought hard, but fell just short of a Gold Championshiplosing to #2 seed Vertical Elite by the scores of 24-26, 25-9, 10-15.  Team members included Kelly Scheetz, Maria Kolinoff, Kaylee DiBiase, Kate Shupp, Victoria Farian, Brooke Mazzocca, McKinley Smith, Sierra Land, Hayley Macko, and Sidney Ailiff.  Congratulations Ladies and Good Luck in Philly this weekend!!

Sunday, February 23
16 Black Falls 2 Points Shy of Gold Championship at Eastside

Gold Finalists
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Zero Gravity 16 Black played amazingly today, but fell just short of their first Gold Championship of the season...even though they were short a middle, and outside, and a DS.  Our ladies came up huge in the Gold Playoffs with wins over Eastside Red and Vertical Elite 16-1, before falling to Eastside Orange.  Congratulations Ladies!!

Saturday, February 22
14 Red Wins Gold Championship at Edgewood, 15 Black Has Great Day

Gold Champs!!
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It was a very good day on Saturday for our 14's and 15's.  Zero Gravity 14 Red finished first on their net and defeated PCVC Dig It (25-16, 25-19) in the semi-finals and PCVC Comets in the finals (25-19, 25-17).  Congratulations Ladies!!

Zero Gravity 15 Black was short handed with only 7 players, but after a tough first match loss to #2 seed Glass City our ladies stepped up their play and easily beat Spirit and Thunder in 4 straight games.  This set up a Gold Play-off battle with top seed Blackswamp, who had beaten their pool play opponents by an average score of 25-9.  Our ladies played their best volleyball of the year, but fell 23-25, 18-25.  Great job ladies!

Wednesday, January 22
On Line Courses Trouble Shooting

I recieved this from the OVR...hopefully it will help some of you work thru things. 
Club Directors,
First, thank you to those who have been diligent working with your
players and coaches to use the USAV online training modules.
Secondly, as many of you know, there have been some notable problems
with accessibility to the website.  USAV is working to resolve these
issues.  One of the issues is that there is a limit of 1500 users on the
website at any given time.  Considering the tens of thousands of junior
players around the country, you can quickly see how this bottleneck
crashed the system.
In this regard, I have already communicated with referees to instruct
them to be patient and cooperative with your teams as we begin the
tournament season.  We're experiencing some growing pains with this new
technology, but we'll get through it!  I'm sure it is going to be
extremely useful, especially once the bugs are worked out. 
Incidentally, ALL players will need to be re-certified as second referee
and/or scorer, even if they were certified last year.  With the
significant scoring and rules changes, this is necessary.  Considering
USAV is now on a two-year rules cycle, this will also be consistent with
renewing those certifications every two years when any new rules are
With that in mind, I have spoken to the USAV web gurus today, and here
are some important tips and notes that I'd like you to share with your
coaches and players that may help them in this endeavor:
1 - If you have registered for the courses and exams but can't access
the CourseMill site, try using  That's a
direct link to the site.
2 - There are known issues with Internet Explorer 11.  If that is the
web browser you are using, try using Google Chrome or FoxFire instead.
For MAC/Apple users, Safari 3.0 or higher should be fine.
3 - Ensure that Adobe Flash Player is up-to-date as a plug-in for your
web browser.
4 - Ensure that pop-ups are NOT blocked for the site.  To do this, you
need to add the site to your "safe" list, or select "Allow pop-ups for
this site" when prompted.
5 - If you still encounter problems, and none of the above help, clear
your browser history and cache, and then re-start your computer and try
6 - Be sure you LOG OUT of the system once you have completed your work
at the website.  If you only close your web browser without logging out,
the website thinks you are still there.  And with the limit of 1500
users at any given time, you will be taking a "seat" that needs to be
freed up for another user.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!  I know that some of you
have gotten through with few/no problems, while others have had some
significant issues.  We'll get through it!
Brian Hemelgarn
OVR Junior Officials Development Director
OVR Referees' Chair

Sunday, March 17
2014 Tournament Schedules

Below is the tournament schedules for our 2014 teams.   I will look to maybe add another date for both of Calley's teams, but I may have to wait for a cancelation to find something close for us.


18 Regional - Coach Musselman

1/12    Parma (18U)

1/25    Parma (18R Challenge)

1/26    Parma (18R Challenge)

2/15    Columbus (18R Presidents Cup)

2/16    Columbus (18R Presidents Cup)

3/1      Elite (18R Challenge)

3/2      Elite (18R Challenge)

3/16     Urbana (18N Bid Play In) - CANCELLED

3/28    Huntington, WV (18R Spikefest)

3/29    Huntington, WV (18R Spikefest)

3/30    Huntington, WV (18R Spikefest)

4/19     Massillon (18R)

5/4      Columbus (18R Championships)


17 American - Coach Kennedy

1/12    Parma (18U)

1/25    Parma (17A Challenge)

1/26    Parma (17A Challenge)

2/15    Columbus (17A Presidents Cup)

2/16    Columbus (17A Presidents Cup)

2/23    Maverick (17A) 

3/1      Elite (18R Challenge)

3/2      Elite (18R Challenge)

3/16    Coshocton (18R) 

3/30   Mount Union (17A)

4/19     Massillon (18R)

5/4      Columbus (17A Championships)


16 American - Coach Musselman

2/2     Parma (16A)

2/9     Eastside (16A)

2/15    Columbus (16A Presidents Cup)

2/16    Columbus (16A Presidents Cup)

2/23    Eastside (16A)

3/8      Parma (16A Challenge)

3/9      Parma (16A Challenge)

3/15    Urbana (16N Bid Play In)

4/6      Maverick (16A)

4/12     Philadelphia, PA (16's NorthEast National Qualifier)

4/13     Philadelphia, PA (16's NorthEast National Qualifier)

4/14     Philadelphia, PA (16's NorthEast National Qualifier) 

4/26    Maverick (16A Challenge)

4/27    Maverick (16A Challenge) 

5/11     Columbus (16A Championships)


16 American - Coach Lasure

1/11     Parma (17U)

1/26    Elite (16U)

2/9      Eastside (16A)

3/2      Twinsburgh (16A) - Kenz

3/8      Parma (16A Challenge)

3/9      Parma (16A Challenge)

4/13    Mount Union (16A)

4/19    Massillon (18R)

4/26    Maverick (16A Challenge)

4/27    Maverick (16A Challenge) 

5/11     Columbus (16A Championships)


15 American - Coach Kennedy

1/11      Parma (15U)

1/18     Spire (15U)

2/1      Spire (15A) 

2/8      Pinnacle (15A)

2/22    Maverick (15A)

3/15    Case Western (15A)  

3/22    Cleveland State (15A Challenge) - Calley

3/23    Cleveland State (15A Challenge) - Calley

4/12     Eastside (15A Challenge)

4/13     Eastside (15A Challenge)

4/27    Elite (15A) 

5/18     Columbus (15A Championships)


14 American - Coach Lasure

1/19     Pinnacle (14U)

2/2      Xtreme (14U)  

2/22    Eastside (14A)     

3/1       Parma (14A Challenge)

3/2      Parma (14A Challenge) 

3/15     Elite (14A)

3/23    Maverick (14A) - Chuck

4/5      Twinsburgh (14A Challenge)

4/6      Twinsburgh (14A Challenge)

5/3      Columbus (14A Championships)


14 Regional - Coach Prentiss

1/12     Parma (14U)

1/18     Edgewood (14R)

1/25     Eastside (14R)

2/8       Elite (14R)

2/22    Edgewood (14R)

3/1       Massillon (14R) 

3/15     Pinnacle (14R Challenge)

3/16     Pinnacle (14R Challenge)

4/12     Elite (14R Challenge)

4/13     Elite (14R Challenge)

5/3      Columbus (14R Championships)

Tuesday, February 14
New Shutterfly Picture Site

Tracy Evans (Becca's mom) has set up a Shutterfly picture site for all of us to use and needs everyone to send her their email addresses so she can get everyone registered.  You can either request to be added or she can add you to the site.  Then, you can post pictures, videos and comments on your team's page.  A picture site will be nice for everyone to share what they have with their team and the entire club.  Please email Tracy if you have any questions. (site address) (Tracy's email address)

Zero Gravity Juniors
Zero Gravity Juniors
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