Tri-County Church Softball League (Men's): Welcome

Monday, May 2
Welcome to the Tri-County Church Softball League (Men's)

Welcome Coventry Baptist (Ft. Wayne) and The Bridge (Decatur) to our league this season!


Week #1

Monday, May 2nd in Zanesville  **Postponed, Reschedule for July 18th**

7:00, Ararat vs St. Aloysius

8:00, St. Aloysius vs. Fellowship

9:00, Fellowship vs. Ararat


Tuesday, May 3rd in Markle

7:00, Markle vs. Hope

8:00, Hope vs. Bridge

9:00, Bridge vs. Markle


Thursday, May 5th in Markle

7:00, Sonlight vs. Awakening

8:00, Awakening vs. Sonlight


Friday, May 6th in Zanesville

7:00, Coventry vs. Westview

8:00, Westview vs. Coventry