Tri-County Church Softball League (Men's): Welcome

Monday, April 21
Welcome to the Tri-County Church Softball League (Men's)

The Tri-County Church League Welcomes Fellowship Missionary Church and Westview Alliance Church to the league for the 2014 season!


Week 1 Schedule:

Monday, May 5th in Zanesville                                                 Tuesday, May 6th in Markle     

7:00pm, St. Als vs. ZUB                                                           7:00pm, Warren vs. Awakening

8:00pm, ZUB vs. Westview                                                      8:00pm, Awakening vs. Living Faith

9:00pm, Westview vs. St. Als                                                  9:00pm, Living Faith vs. Warren


Thursday, May 8th in Markle                                                   Friday, May 9th in Zanesville

7:00pm, MCC Alpha vs. MCC Omega                                         7:00pm, Ararat vs. Union

8:00pm, MCC Omega vs. Sonlight                                            8:00pm, Union vs. Fellowship

9:00pm, Sonlight vs. MCC Alpha                                               9:00pm, Fellowship vs. Ararat

Sunday, March 23
2014 Season Information

The 2014 Season is fast approaching!

For any interested churches, we offer (all subject to change until after 3/31 meeting):

 -20 Game Regular Season.  All Double Headers!

-Seeded Double Elimination Tournament

-Prize Money for regular season and tournament finishes.

-Projected costs per team will be $385

-That price is ALL INCLUSIVE!!!  Softballs provided!!!

-Diamonds are in Zanesville and Markle.

-North Division (Zanesville), South Division (Markle)

-Zanesville games are played Mondays and Fridays.  Markle games are Tuesday and Thursday.

**Contact Dan Busche at (260) 385-4980 for additional information**